When #RealTogetherness matters the most!

When #RealTogetherness matters the most!

How people are addicted to gadgets! Image source: www.nytimes.com

How people are addicted to gadgets!
Image source: http://www.nytimes.com

I remember how proud I used to be of my long friend list on Facebook. I believed I was popular among many with my notification box popping friend requests each day. My inbox was fluttering with messages. My cell phone was buzzing every 2 minutes while I used to be addicted to playing video games on my tablet. “Wow! Technology surely does bring convenience and makes me a star in the virtual world,” I thought to myself. But, wait a minute? In what world was I living? Was it the world where everything seemed perfect though it wasn’t? Where replying to text messages were more important than speaking to the person in real life? Or where virtual emoticons expressed more than facial expressions and heartfelt emotions? More than 50% of the people who were on my friend list on social networking sites were people who I bumped into at office, but we would never speak. It dawned on me that it was all a lie.

No doubt technology has helped us humans to progress but it has demolished the spirit of real togetherness.  Today love between couples is better of expressed on social networking sites due to which there is a lack of dialogue between two individuals. Bringing flowers, holding hands, writing love letters, a guy pulling the chair or opening the car door for a girl, has all vanished. Though it may sound old school, it should be brought back.

Togetherness does not mean merely saying that you will be there for a person. It means personally standing up for that person in times of need. I recall the times, my family members, and I kept planning family trips often, but none would materialize due to our busy schedules. We (my parents and 2 siblings) needed to spend time together regardless of any situation that came our way. So, my mother decided to take matters in her hand and planned a surprise trip to a hill station. She had already packed our bags and made the travel arrangements. When we reached the resort, we were all amazed to see our entire family there. Grandparents, close family friends, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It was a huge surprise and ecstatic for all of us.

Real togetherness is about spending quality time! Image source: hellenicnews.com

Real togetherness is about spending quality time!
Image source: hellenicnews.com

While we ate, laughed, shared stories, played games, and made merry, it just made me realize how fortunate I was to have such incredible people in my life. While I was lost in trying to fit in the virtual world, my happy space was back here in real-time with my family and friends. The resort had even organized a tree plantation drive. And every family staying at the resort could participate. It was an exciting mission for all of us. Though it was a hustle-and-bustle situation at first, we still managed to pull it off. With team-building skills, cooperation, and togetherness, we planted maximum seedlings and won the 1st prize.  It was the first time that I participated in a tree plantation drive. That day I had not only felt close to nature but also felt a sense of achievement in caring and fulfilling my responsibility towards mother earth.

We all swore that we needed to plan such trips frequently as they didn’t only serve as a stress buster and social media detox but also brought us all closer to each other than ever. Maybe it is true when they say that gadgets and cellphones can be a stress machine. It gets you addicted to the world that is far from reality and true togetherness of your loved ones.

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