#CatchUpOnGrowth With Horlicks Growth Plus

I once heard my neighbor complaining “My Chintu isn’t eating well. He is so much fussy when it comes to food. Look at how my baby has become weak. Though I try to include healthy food in his diet, he still isn’t as tall as that Bunty in his class”. This really made me wonder about the importance of imparting right nutrition to a child’s growth and catching up on lost growth.

Parents do want their kids to be physically and psychologically fit and healthy. But, going by the current junk food trends that have been catching up, parents too are somewhere carried away in spoiling their kids silly with French fries, chocolates, and burgers. And once the child’s growth in terms of height and weight is stunted, parents feel it is the end – Nothing much can be done to revitalise their body and brain growth.

Truth is that fundamentally the first five years of a child’s life is extremely important as it forms the base of their future health, happiness, and development. But examination stress, peer pressure, and many other factors has proven to be a hindrance in their development. To make matters worse, every child has their fussy-eating days and times of illnesses causing bouts of malnourishment. Their confidence takes a beating due to low body weight and less height as compared to other kids in their batch. Other children keep bullying them and calling them names which is extremely demotivating.

This made me remember the times when I was a kid, mommy used to ensure that my brother and I would drink Horlicks daily. For us it wasn’t just a nutritional drink. It was something that was deliciously healthy.

To make life easier and hassle-free for stressed parents, Horlicks Growth + has recently been launched with high-quality whey proteins and multiple nutrients. This is designed for kids between 3 – 9 years of age and has clinically proven to ensure visible results in 6 months.

As mentioned earlier, the first ten years is the most critical phase of a child’s growth. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals not only helps in balanced weight gain and proper height, but also ensures healthy growth of nails, teeth, and hair. Regular check-ups at the family physician is essential to keep a tab on their progress.

The burn out tremendous energy in daily activities at school. Many times parents complain that though their children eat a lot, they aren’t active enough and feel lazy most times. The reason for this is because their lifestyle would have to be blamed. When you can ensure that your child’s lifestyle consists of –

Healthy food + 8 hours of sleep + Regular physical and mind activities + Academics +

Of course, Horlicks Growth +

Between 3 – 5 years, as they advance from pre-school, they improve in hand-eye coordination, and their growth would possibly be slow. But as they advance from the age of 6 years to 11, you can assure yourself that it is not impossible to catch up on your child’s lost growth.

Once they grow into their teenage years, puberty strikes and then with too many hormonal changes, it gets difficult to get their health back on track.

As responsible and caring parents, one should ensure that if their child is lacking in physical growth, they shouldn’t just sit quietly and wait for some miracle to occur. Rather they should take matters in their hands, and visit a nutritionist to understand what could be possible reasons for a stunted growth in their child.

More importantly having Horlicks Growth + daily is recommended by majority of doctors as it repairs muscle mass and bone growth as well as can cover up for the lost nutrition that a child needs without compromising on taste.

Remember that only if they are in the pink of health and are mentally and psychically fit, can they study well and grow up to be the bright and successful generation – For that they need to #CatchUpOnGrowth

For more such stories on health and parenting, visit, https://growthplus.horlicks.in/



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