Our destiny is set the day we are born but the path to reach it lies in our hands.

Our destiny is set the day we are born but the path to reach it lies in our hands.

destinyHi friends! I am so happy to see you all once again at Learning Life Daily. It has been a great start to a creative week at work. I guess, I have been conventionally waiting to write a few words on this. All my creative thoughts are flowing generously. I find it amusing when people say I am weird. Not just me but also many other writers like me. We all have something unique to offer, and we all indulge in our crazy habits but what is it that makes us different from the rest? Why is it that we all humans from different walks of life, finally face what we are meant to right from the beginning? Our paths may be crossed and our fates intertwined but in the end it is we who have to choose the path to our destiny. Read on further, as I crack this mysterious quest in our lives that we all undergo.

You may have wanted to be an engineer all your life but somehow you find yourself as writer, writing for blogs. It may have been your dream to marry the one you love but you are now married to someone else. The promotion you were waiting for all along was handed over to a junior who is now a level ahead of you. You wished to be rich but are now living a simple hand-to-mouth life. Situations like these just prove that life doesn’t always fulfill your wishes and expectations. On the optimistic side, opposites too occur. You started off as a simple freelance writer and today you are a full time chief editor of one the leading print magazines. You hoped for a loving spouse and he/she turned out to be your true soul mate. At times, things take a complete turn and the most unexpected consequences occur. Perhaps you would blame horrible situations on your ill-fate or praise your luck for the success that strikes.

Truth is that whatever situation we end up with, it was always destined right from the day we were born. They say it is written on our foreheads, perhaps it is absolutely true but there is a twist in the tale. The path towards reaching our destiny is not destined. That is something which depends on us and is in our hands. It is we who are the masters of our lives because we take the final decision. For example: We may get handful of career advice and guidance from family, friends, teachers, career counselors etc. but ultimately it is we who have to make a choice of our career. We choose the coaching class. After getting selected in the interview, it is up to us to decide if we want to join that organization or not. It is we who choose the friends we are surrounded by. The option of choosing to be reserved or mingle with office colleagues is left to us. In the end whether we are successful or not, maybe this was completely written in our fate. The only issue is that the whole journey towards reaching that fate was in our hands and how much did we learn from that journey or take back too is completely our lookout.

Bring on sunshine in your life. Stop living in fear of the future. No one knows or would ever know what destiny has in store for us. Start living life to its fullest because tomorrow when you reach your ultimate destiny be it good or bad, you do not want to sit there and repent over what you could have done to enjoy the journey. Time once lost, can never return. Of course! We are not living in a make-believe world. So get rid of those whims and fancies. Understand the art of decision-making. The journey towards your destiny is most precious. You will never know when and how you collided with your fate but the entire journey to reaching it is what you need to work on.

For example: When Canadian singer Justin Bieber started off by uploading videos on YouTube with his friends and family hitting the like button, at that point of time I am sure even he was unaware of what was awaiting him. Spotted by a music director he was finally offered to record his first International single. Today the ‘Baby’ singer is a megastar and a heartthrob with millions of fan following all across the world. The path chosen by him to reach his fate was that he chose to do something different. He chose to take the risk of posting videos of him singing. He could have been mocked. In fact, initially he was teased and taunted for his voice. People said it sounded immature. It sounded like a female voice, but with the flow of time, the same detractor and critics praised him and today he is the masses favorite. Read: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin_Bieber)

So go on and try to figure out the right path for you and enjoy every step you take. In Justin’s case he may have always been destined to be a star but the path he chose to stardom was in his hands. He overcame all those barriers. He reached his destiny by choosing the path to be strong willed. To be optimistic inspite of being knocked by criticism. He spotted opportunities and grabbed them with all his might. The internet was his golden opportunity. His medium to showcasing his talent. He knew someday someone in the far corner of this earth would spot him. Similarly all you need is the determination to live your life by utilizing every moment and seeking happiness in what you to do. Remember! It is always easy to cry over spilled milk but the difficult part is reaching our end saying, ‘My life has been fulfilled. Good or bad, the journey gave me so much to learn. I have no regrets.’

So my dear folks, I am sure your life too has a destiny that is set. No matter where you go, cross your heart and live each moment wonderfully. Perseverance and patience is all it takes. Leave no scope for regrets. If you enjoyed reading this article, then do like, and share it; also I would really appreciate if you follow my blog, as I will continue to write on topics of life that we all may not have time to think of but once we do, it will always stay in the bottom of our hearts and centre of our minds. Do check out my blog for other such articles. I would love to hear from you all. So please leave a comment and let me know what kind of topics you would like me to write on. Till then have a nice day! Happy Reading people!



    1. Thank you very much! I truly respect your words and I am ecstatic to know you read my blog everyday. I will continue to write such interesting articles that you will love reading. Keep pouring in your valuable feedback as it very vital to me.

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