College Dunia helps you carve your career path!

College Dunia helps you carve your career path!

Ask any student on this earth as to what is their biggest fear. A decade ago, the reply would have probably been, ‘passing the board exams’. But now in today’s day and age, the clock has spun its hands rapidly. Such that the answer to the same question will be ‘getting admission seat in my desired college’. Why has searching the right college gained immense significance? It’s only educating yourself with a degree from a college, isn’t it? No! Honestly, it isn’t the same scenario. While cut-throat competition has prevailed amongst youngsters, every individual is looking forward towards getting their respective degree from the best college. As soon as you complete your boards, you are bombarded with thoughts and a list of requirements. Which field should I opt for as per my board exam score? Which college is suitable as per my chosen field? Is it an established one? Would they provide placements? What is the fees? Does the college have highly qualified and well-trained faculty? How far is the college from my home? Do they even have decent infrastructure? No doubt Google may have the answer to your question, but perhaps you aren’t asking the right questions.

Thankfully, a country like India has start ups going global and making a mark for themselves. And when it comes to opting for a service or product related to education, students and parents are eagerly interested in gathering right information from legitimate sources. College Dunia is one such listing web portal that serves as a one-stop destination for education seekers. With detailed facts and information of more than 1000 colleges in India, they assist students to select their desired institution only after being acquainted with the necessary requirements. Taking the culture of start ups a notch higher, College Dunia has brilliantly executed itself as a knowledge hub by offering a detailed comparison of colleges within their respective streams. One can check out the individual courses, fees, faculty, placement, rating, and duration of a college. Some of the fields of interest that they cater to are hotel management, aviation, architecture, pharmacy, dental, agriculture, design, etc.

If you plan on higher education overseas, College Dunia also serves as a reliable search engine providing you with valuable and relevant data on colleges and universities. Having added another feather to their cap, College Dunia even featured in red herring and made it to the list of ‘2015 Top 100 Asia: Short-listed companies’. You may be a bumbling bee and change companies throughout your career span. But, one that isn’t going to be modified or erased from your resume is your qualification and the college from where you got the degree.  Why do you want to grow into your 40s and regret not having invested time in choosing the right college? On a personal note, I too chose to refer to this portal for checking out MBA colleges, after a friend of mine shared the link with me. And the information I received on the site, helped me to a large extent.

Apart from finding information about colleges, the site also highlights different entrance exams, their dates, latest buzz related to education industry and careers, college festivals and events. Keeping in pace with technology, the makers of this portal have gone ahead and launched the CollegeDunia App that is available on Android Google Play store.

It is time students take their admission decisions seriously as education forms the foundation stone of their career. It is wise enough to feel empowered and liberated at a young age rather than later repent not having made the right move with your career.

Now, take a look below at this inspiring story of a youngster, and how played a catalyst in helping him find success in his career.

start ups going global

culture of start ups. College Dunia


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