#AwakenYourForce by Celebrating With Technlogy

It was a sunny afternoon and I was at home, busy preparing a presentation on my laptop. I couldn’t concentrate on my work properly as the laptop was slow and lagging as always. I wish I could get a new one. After struggling for an hour on the dusty laptop, I got fed-up and so I switched on the TV. And to my bad, every channel had some or the other boring serial or commercials going on. I was feeling as if the entire world had conspired against me and wanted to irritate me. Then while browsing through the channels, I saw something interesting. Wait is that a spaceship! No it’s some kind of a gizmo that looks from outer space. It was the new commercial for the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. Wow! I am totally mesmerized with the ad, and suddenly the brightly lit room turns dark with neon red and blue lights glowing from the walls. The ceiling opened up and the galaxy and space was visible. The couch I am sitting on transforms into a spaceship, the TV remote converts itself into a lightsaber. And suddenly, Kylo Ren and the other Jedis step out of the TV and gives me the HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop. He tells me, “Why are you still oldschool in your ways? Why do you use outdated technology? Try the new HP Star Wars Laptop.” He further adds, “I give you 48 hours. Let’s see what you would do if you had the HP Notebook. I want to know how you put it to use in these 48 hours. Go ahead #AwakenYourForce! Use the power of the force to make others happy”.


I gradually feel like I have drifted into another world. After I open my eyes, I see that my grandparents are soon going to complete 50 years of marriage anniversary. They say marriages are made in heaven and that is why they say eternal love does exist. In some cases, only few fortunate ones are able to pull it through their 50th year. My parents, relatives, cousins, and I decide to celebrate it and make it special by surprising them. It was the first time I had the opportunity to amalgamate the best in technology and human emotions. So, I took charge and decide to make it the most eventful function that they would cherish for a lifetime. I also had to prove Kylo Ren what I could do with this HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. I just have 48 hours to put it to best use!

With the help of my cousins and relatives, I chalked out plans to prepare a documentary film on their life. I sincerely wanted to dedicate it to them to show the world how they have been the most beautiful and lovable souls who stood by each other through thick and thins of life. I also wanted them to have a trip down the memory lane and give them nostalgic vibes while they watch the documentary film. So, on the pretext of a family vacation, our entire family whisked our grandparents off to Singapore.

I quickly removed the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from my bag, and got to work. We divided the responsibilities amongst ourselves. While some were busy with the decorations and catering, I put on the directors hat and started working on the documentary. Since my grandparents are avid Hollywood movie buffs with Star Wars being one of their all-time favorites, I already squared down on the theme of the party. The theme of the backdrop we decorated red as “Joey weds Martha- The futuristic wedding celebrations-Star Wars Style!”


Image sources: 1, 2

Some of my cousins secretly shot clips of every family member speaking about our grandparents and how they wonderfully raised their children. We also got our grandparents to speak about each other and recorded it without them knowing about it. Once all the clips were shot on the DSLR, I transferred them to the HP laptop. I clicked old black and white and colored photographs from their wedding albums and other old albums. The whole theme was to show a short documentary of their married journey as they renew their vows once more.


Image sources: 1

As we wanted to keep the party a secret, we worked on the documentary late night. Fortunately, the red backlit keyboard provided enough light for us to work but at the same time made me feel like a Jedi on a mission. Thanks to the brilliant clarity of NVIDIA GeForce Graphics, I was able collaborate the photographs and create a HD montage clip. While using Photoshop and working on the images and video clips that we shot, I could also recreate the romantic soundtracks and jam them with dynamic and heart thumbing Star Wars music. The best part was that the audio ensured optimum bass and sound clarity that was perfect to keep our short film graphically and audibly engaging.

Since the laptop came preloaded with more than 1100 images and storyboards of set designs, costumes, and models, I used some of these images and added to my futuristic wedding theme documentary. Compared to my older laptop, the HP laptop was surprisingly super-fast and I was able to multitask and transition between different applications and yet saw no signs of lag. I connected the laptop to the printer, and printed photographs of my grandparents to be put up on their stage. I was also able to print large size posters of Luke Skywalker, General Leia Organa, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, and Rey who are the protagonists of the film. We then used them as cut out figures, and had decorated them over the place. The documentary was finally ready! I also created a photo booth for us to capture precious memories and the images would be directly transferred to the Notebook, via Bluetooth.

The time had come to celebrate and pop the champagne. We blindfolded and got the couple into the room. When we opened their blindfolds, they were left mesmerized and the child and movie buff within them surfaced making them dance with glee. Some of my younger cousins even dressed up in Star Wars costumes, which added to the revelry. After the cake cutting was done, we played the documentary. While I was walking with my Notepad, I could see that people took notice of my laptop which was a great experience for me. After the documentary got over, there was a mix of emotions in the room. Tears, sadness, giggles, laughter, happiness had filled the air. While my grandparents got nostalgic, they occasionally even broke into peals of laughter and hugged each other. It was the best day in their lives and ours as well.


Image source: 1

I gifted my grandparents the DVD so that they could always watch it whenever they wanted to go back and forth with memories. Or perhaps when they could hit a century of togetherness. You never know, right? So, finally, now I can proudly say yes, the dark force was amidst us but we proved that where there is love and togetherness, (and of course, technology), every inch of darkness on this earth can be conquered.


Image source: 1

Suddenly, I could hear mom yelling “Wake up!” and I was snapped back into the present time. I opened my eyes and sat on the same couch. And hey! It wasn’t a spaceship. It was just a silly old couch. I looked up at mom who says to me, “I hope you remember that your grandparents are celebrating their golden jubilee after two month. Are you doing anything special for them”? Okay! I realize that it was all a big dark, adventurous, and happy dream. The next thing I knew was that after having dreamt the experience of having the Star Wars notebook in the future, I had to get it for myself and make the whole dream come true in the next two months.

Though it was just a dream, I got a chance to make my grandparents feel elated on their golden jubilee thanks to the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Have you planned on doing something special for your loved ones yet?
For more information on HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, visit www.hpshopping.in/starwars



  1. This is some serious stuff 🙂 I was literally amazed by the thought process put into this. I felt like I was a part of the wedding anniversary myself. All the very best to you and I hope your grandparents have a lovely time 🙂


  2. This is very sweet what you do for your grandparents. Coincidentally my grand parents are also having their 23rd anniversary in March. I am thinking of doing Sholay themes party for them. It is one of their favorite movies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Ravi! I agree with you in this.. You should plan out a theme party and of course, you need to get your hands on the Star Wars Edition HP notebook, if you want to add wonderful memories to your party! 😉


  3. Very well written! The best part was when grandparents are sent out for holidays and everyone are preparing the surprise. I hope you are able to make this dream a reality 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! I just loved the idea of having a Star Wars themed wedding. I am a huge fan of Star Wars and the way you have described the story is very good. This is something I would like to try for my own wedding. Hope my future husband too is a Star Wars crazy fan like me 😀


  5. The idea of themed parties not something new but what I liked about your post was the creativity and imagination. That is something I just adored in this read right away especially when your room turns into a space ship and Kylo Ken provides you with the laptop to do something great. I hope I get to read more such creative and out of the box posts at your blog. All the best for your next post!


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