#CatchUpOnGrowth With Horlicks Growth Plus

I once heard my neighbor complaining “My Chintu isn’t eating well. He is so much fussy when it comes to food. Look at how my baby has become weak. Though I try to include healthy food in his diet, he still isn’t as tall as that Bunty in his class”. This really made me wonder about the importance of imparting right nutrition to a child’s growth and catching up on lost growth.

Parents do want their kids to be physically and psychologically fit and healthy. But, going by the current junk food trends that have been catching up, parents too are somewhere carried away in spoiling their kids silly with French fries, chocolates, and burgers. And once the child’s growth in terms of height and weight is stunted, parents feel it is the end – Nothing much can be done to revitalise their body and brain growth.

Truth is that fundamentally the first five years of a child’s life is extremely important as it forms the base of their future health, happiness, and development. But examination stress, peer pressure, and many other factors has proven to be a hindrance in their development. To make matters worse, every child has their fussy-eating days and times of illnesses causing bouts of malnourishment. Their confidence takes a beating due to low body weight and less height as compared to other kids in their batch. Other children keep bullying them and calling them names which is extremely demotivating.

This made me remember the times when I was a kid, mommy used to ensure that my brother and I would drink Horlicks daily. For us it wasn’t just a nutritional drink. It was something that was deliciously healthy.

To make life easier and hassle-free for stressed parents, Horlicks Growth + has recently been launched with high-quality whey proteins and multiple nutrients. This is designed for kids between 3 – 9 years of age and has clinically proven to ensure visible results in 6 months.

As mentioned earlier, the first ten years is the most critical phase of a child’s growth. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals not only helps in balanced weight gain and proper height, but also ensures healthy growth of nails, teeth, and hair. Regular check-ups at the family physician is essential to keep a tab on their progress.

The burn out tremendous energy in daily activities at school. Many times parents complain that though their children eat a lot, they aren’t active enough and feel lazy most times. The reason for this is because their lifestyle would have to be blamed. When you can ensure that your child’s lifestyle consists of –

Healthy food + 8 hours of sleep + Regular physical and mind activities + Academics +

Of course, Horlicks Growth +

Between 3 – 5 years, as they advance from pre-school, they improve in hand-eye coordination, and their growth would possibly be slow. But as they advance from the age of 6 years to 11, you can assure yourself that it is not impossible to catch up on your child’s lost growth.

Once they grow into their teenage years, puberty strikes and then with too many hormonal changes, it gets difficult to get their health back on track.

As responsible and caring parents, one should ensure that if their child is lacking in physical growth, they shouldn’t just sit quietly and wait for some miracle to occur. Rather they should take matters in their hands, and visit a nutritionist to understand what could be possible reasons for a stunted growth in their child.

More importantly having Horlicks Growth + daily is recommended by majority of doctors as it repairs muscle mass and bone growth as well as can cover up for the lost nutrition that a child needs without compromising on taste.

Remember that only if they are in the pink of health and are mentally and psychically fit, can they study well and grow up to be the bright and successful generation – For that they need to #CatchUpOnGrowth

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A class apart: The new Datsun redi-GO

I have been riding to work on my old and weary two-wheeler for the past 6 years. It has never disappointed me though. But, today was another day. My two-wheeler skidded while driving back home. I cheated death. Literally.

But, I guess it’s time to move on. My family and friends have been nudging me to buy a car for quite some time. Unfortunately, I am not able to find one that offers the best in features and simultaneously fits my budget. There is no such car in the market that provides a lot of value.

But, hey! Guess what? I am so wrong!

Datsun proved me wrong with their latest launch – Datsun redi-GO.

It’s all over the news. Ever since I read a news feature about it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about owning a car. My conscience keeps reminding me I that I need to upgrade.

While researching about the car online, I learnt that it has some incredible and unique features.

  • The Quirky design

Yup! That’s the first thing you notice in a car. What really catches my attention about the Datsun redi-GO is that unlike the Renualt Kwid, it looks like a hatchback and not an SUV. If you compare it with other budget hatchbacks, then this one takes a bow in the design department. Since I love my dose of fashion and have a quirky personality, the look of the car is something that sincerely appeals to me.

Its ideal dimensions makes it apt for a city car. In other words, parking this car in a choked urban city like Mumbai would be a cakewalk for me.

  • Ground clearance stands at 185 mm which varies depending on the terrain.

During monsoon, this feature is surely going to work as a blessing. I wouldn’t want my car to be the first to get submerged in case of heavy floods. Cause if that is the case, then I would probably have to call my insurer for the best car insurance rates.

Another surprising element that I genuinely love about this car is that its tail lights are positioned pretty high so that they can be easily visible by other vehicles.

  • The steering wheel, Light gear shifts and clutch operation

Since I am not that comfortable with my driving skills (don’t forget I have been riding a two-wheeler), I would love to have a car that is easy to drive. I can’t imagine the steering wheel and gear-shifting to be hard to manage.

Luckily, in the Datsun redi-GO, the steering wheel has nice contours and a sporty shape that assists in hassle-free driving. Plus, my palms wouldn’t ache away holding them in long hours of traffic jam and makes it easy to drive in urban spaces.

Be it summer, spring, monsoon, or winter, I know that my Datsun redi-GO is going to be my all-time ride for every journey. With the noteworthy mileage that it offers, I plan to drive it on an all-girls trip with my girl pals to Goa. I can check its tall-boy stance by driving on rocky roads and perhaps even the beaches. The best part of this vehicle is that since it is spacious, it would accommodate all of us comfortably. I would also love to test this brand new car for its claimed efficiency. Some say it’s similar to Renault Kwid. So, I would surely check and compare their efficiency.

All I can say is that if you are looking for a car at the entry-level hatchback just like me, then the Datsun red-GO has all it takes to be your ideal and conventional model. It has the perfect design and right amount of details to grab your attention and offer you the best performance.

Ultimately, it’s….

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

A beautiful soul makes a difference to thousands of lives: #SpreadTheVibe

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. They say it right! Beauty does not necessarily mean the outer physical appearance. It also counts for the beauty of the person from within. Women who are not blessed with great looks are often subjected to ridiculous taunts that break their inner confidence and morale. And what about women who have to bear the pain of disfigured appearances due to acid attacks. It is not just their face that is scared but every inch of their soul that is traumatized for life. While a lot of acid attack cases have been reported, one such case that I came across took me by surprise. It not only left me awestruck but also teary-eyed and yet proud of being a woman.

This is a story of Laxmi, an acid attack survivor of 2005, is now a happy mother to a cute seven-month-old baby girl. Her baby, Pihu, also has a single name just like her mother. Battling tears and mixed emotions, Laxmi recalls her tale when she was attacked at the age of 16 by a man who was twice her age and whose advances she had rejected. The incident took place in the middle of a busy market place. This woman strong from within mustered courage to carry on her life and find the man of her dreams and a soulmate. Ultimately, she did find love in Aloke Dixit. Together they run the Stop Acid Attack Campaign. Though the couple aren’t married even till today, they fought against all-odds to stay together in a live-in relationship. Neither of them believed in the institution of marriage and felt that love and commitment does not require a stamp on legal paper. Laxmi’s family was against the whole idea of them living-in. But, with time they gradually accepted them both.

After losing her father and young brother, she did not choose to give up on life. She could has easily chosen a shortcut and that is committing suicide. But, she felt she wanted to live her life completely. While 7-month-old Pihu accompanies her mother to all shoots, her mother has to encounter issues such as unable to get a birth certificate as there is no last name. After a rigorous operation to reduce the intensity of the burns. And she was advised to take care of herself and her child.  Today Laxmi’s biggest fear is what Pihu’s response would be to her mother’s appearance. That’s where her soul mate Aloke stands by her and reassures her that Pihu would accept the fact that her mother loves despite the lack of goof physical appearance.

No doubt love triumphs in the end, but what about the pain cause to Laxmi. What was it in her that gave her hope? A feeling that she would rise far above from the traumatic condition and continue to battle hardships with a smile. This story of Laxmi has been a source of inspiration to young women out there who feel less privileged or not beautiful. Remember that you may not be a beauty queen but you are your beautiful self. A woman with a clean, honest, and free soul. You have to be bound by societal norms even during your worst phase. Like Lakshmi who along with Alok mutually decided not to get married but still raise a kid, how many women out there have the guts to live life by their terms? Why do women have to live in a shell? Domestic violence, rape, marital rape, physical abuse, mental harassment, eve teasing, these are some social evils that are bound to knock us down due to some sick minds. Yet we have the option of fighting it back and living life with a sense of dignity and walking chin up with no fear.

laxmi 2-min

Ultimately, we need to remember that we came alone on this planet and someday we will go away alone without any materialistic belongings, emotions, good looks. We are meagre souls who someday have to depart from this world. So, until the time we are living, we need to fulfil our every wish of living life meaningfully and with respect for ourselves. Nothing could shatter or burn Laxmi’s self-esteem. She chose to save the women of this country by starting her own little foundation.

Learning Life Daily along with every woman in this planet salutes Laxmi and her earnest cause to stop acid attacks. What are you doing to make human lives better? To make this planet better? Think about it. #SpreadTheVibe and start working on it.

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#AwakenYourForce by Celebrating With Technlogy

It was a sunny afternoon and I was at home, busy preparing a presentation on my laptop. I couldn’t concentrate on my work properly as the laptop was slow and lagging as always. I wish I could get a new one. After struggling for an hour on the dusty laptop, I got fed-up and so I switched on the TV. And to my bad, every channel had some or the other boring serial or commercials going on. I was feeling as if the entire world had conspired against me and wanted to irritate me. Then while browsing through the channels, I saw something interesting. Wait is that a spaceship! No it’s some kind of a gizmo that looks from outer space. It was the new commercial for the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. Wow! I am totally mesmerized with the ad, and suddenly the brightly lit room turns dark with neon red and blue lights glowing from the walls. The ceiling opened up and the galaxy and space was visible. The couch I am sitting on transforms into a spaceship, the TV remote converts itself into a lightsaber. And suddenly, Kylo Ren and the other Jedis step out of the TV and gives me the HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop. He tells me, “Why are you still oldschool in your ways? Why do you use outdated technology? Try the new HP Star Wars Laptop.” He further adds, “I give you 48 hours. Let’s see what you would do if you had the HP Notebook. I want to know how you put it to use in these 48 hours. Go ahead #AwakenYourForce! Use the power of the force to make others happy”.


I gradually feel like I have drifted into another world. After I open my eyes, I see that my grandparents are soon going to complete 50 years of marriage anniversary. They say marriages are made in heaven and that is why they say eternal love does exist. In some cases, only few fortunate ones are able to pull it through their 50th year. My parents, relatives, cousins, and I decide to celebrate it and make it special by surprising them. It was the first time I had the opportunity to amalgamate the best in technology and human emotions. So, I took charge and decide to make it the most eventful function that they would cherish for a lifetime. I also had to prove Kylo Ren what I could do with this HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. I just have 48 hours to put it to best use!

With the help of my cousins and relatives, I chalked out plans to prepare a documentary film on their life. I sincerely wanted to dedicate it to them to show the world how they have been the most beautiful and lovable souls who stood by each other through thick and thins of life. I also wanted them to have a trip down the memory lane and give them nostalgic vibes while they watch the documentary film. So, on the pretext of a family vacation, our entire family whisked our grandparents off to Singapore.

I quickly removed the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from my bag, and got to work. We divided the responsibilities amongst ourselves. While some were busy with the decorations and catering, I put on the directors hat and started working on the documentary. Since my grandparents are avid Hollywood movie buffs with Star Wars being one of their all-time favorites, I already squared down on the theme of the party. The theme of the backdrop we decorated red as “Joey weds Martha- The futuristic wedding celebrations-Star Wars Style!”


Image sources: 1, 2

Some of my cousins secretly shot clips of every family member speaking about our grandparents and how they wonderfully raised their children. We also got our grandparents to speak about each other and recorded it without them knowing about it. Once all the clips were shot on the DSLR, I transferred them to the HP laptop. I clicked old black and white and colored photographs from their wedding albums and other old albums. The whole theme was to show a short documentary of their married journey as they renew their vows once more.


Image sources: 1

As we wanted to keep the party a secret, we worked on the documentary late night. Fortunately, the red backlit keyboard provided enough light for us to work but at the same time made me feel like a Jedi on a mission. Thanks to the brilliant clarity of NVIDIA GeForce Graphics, I was able collaborate the photographs and create a HD montage clip. While using Photoshop and working on the images and video clips that we shot, I could also recreate the romantic soundtracks and jam them with dynamic and heart thumbing Star Wars music. The best part was that the audio ensured optimum bass and sound clarity that was perfect to keep our short film graphically and audibly engaging.

Since the laptop came preloaded with more than 1100 images and storyboards of set designs, costumes, and models, I used some of these images and added to my futuristic wedding theme documentary. Compared to my older laptop, the HP laptop was surprisingly super-fast and I was able to multitask and transition between different applications and yet saw no signs of lag. I connected the laptop to the printer, and printed photographs of my grandparents to be put up on their stage. I was also able to print large size posters of Luke Skywalker, General Leia Organa, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, and Rey who are the protagonists of the film. We then used them as cut out figures, and had decorated them over the place. The documentary was finally ready! I also created a photo booth for us to capture precious memories and the images would be directly transferred to the Notebook, via Bluetooth.

The time had come to celebrate and pop the champagne. We blindfolded and got the couple into the room. When we opened their blindfolds, they were left mesmerized and the child and movie buff within them surfaced making them dance with glee. Some of my younger cousins even dressed up in Star Wars costumes, which added to the revelry. After the cake cutting was done, we played the documentary. While I was walking with my Notepad, I could see that people took notice of my laptop which was a great experience for me. After the documentary got over, there was a mix of emotions in the room. Tears, sadness, giggles, laughter, happiness had filled the air. While my grandparents got nostalgic, they occasionally even broke into peals of laughter and hugged each other. It was the best day in their lives and ours as well.


Image source: 1

I gifted my grandparents the DVD so that they could always watch it whenever they wanted to go back and forth with memories. Or perhaps when they could hit a century of togetherness. You never know, right? So, finally, now I can proudly say yes, the dark force was amidst us but we proved that where there is love and togetherness, (and of course, technology), every inch of darkness on this earth can be conquered.


Image source: 1

Suddenly, I could hear mom yelling “Wake up!” and I was snapped back into the present time. I opened my eyes and sat on the same couch. And hey! It wasn’t a spaceship. It was just a silly old couch. I looked up at mom who says to me, “I hope you remember that your grandparents are celebrating their golden jubilee after two month. Are you doing anything special for them”? Okay! I realize that it was all a big dark, adventurous, and happy dream. The next thing I knew was that after having dreamt the experience of having the Star Wars notebook in the future, I had to get it for myself and make the whole dream come true in the next two months.

Though it was just a dream, I got a chance to make my grandparents feel elated on their golden jubilee thanks to the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Have you planned on doing something special for your loved ones yet?
For more information on HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook, visit www.hpshopping.in/starwars

College Dunia helps you carve your career path!

College Dunia helps you carve your career path!

Ask any student on this earth as to what is their biggest fear. A decade ago, the reply would have probably been, ‘passing the board exams’. But now in today’s day and age, the clock has spun its hands rapidly. Such that the answer to the same question will be ‘getting admission seat in my desired college’. Why has searching the right college gained immense significance? It’s only educating yourself with a degree from a college, isn’t it? No! Honestly, it isn’t the same scenario. While cut-throat competition has prevailed amongst youngsters, every individual is looking forward towards getting their respective degree from the best college. As soon as you complete your boards, you are bombarded with thoughts and a list of requirements. Which field should I opt for as per my board exam score? Which college is suitable as per my chosen field? Is it an established one? Would they provide placements? What is the fees? Does the college have highly qualified and well-trained faculty? How far is the college from my home? Do they even have decent infrastructure? No doubt Google may have the answer to your question, but perhaps you aren’t asking the right questions.

Thankfully, a country like India has start ups going global and making a mark for themselves. And when it comes to opting for a service or product related to education, students and parents are eagerly interested in gathering right information from legitimate sources. College Dunia is one such listing web portal that serves as a one-stop destination for education seekers. With detailed facts and information of more than 1000 colleges in India, they assist students to select their desired institution only after being acquainted with the necessary requirements. Taking the culture of start ups a notch higher, College Dunia has brilliantly executed itself as a knowledge hub by offering a detailed comparison of colleges within their respective streams. One can check out the individual courses, fees, faculty, placement, rating, and duration of a college. Some of the fields of interest that they cater to are hotel management, aviation, architecture, pharmacy, dental, agriculture, design, etc.

If you plan on higher education overseas, College Dunia also serves as a reliable search engine providing you with valuable and relevant data on colleges and universities. Having added another feather to their cap, College Dunia even featured in red herring and made it to the list of ‘2015 Top 100 Asia: Short-listed companies’. You may be a bumbling bee and change companies throughout your career span. But, one that isn’t going to be modified or erased from your resume is your qualification and the college from where you got the degree.  Why do you want to grow into your 40s and regret not having invested time in choosing the right college? On a personal note, I too chose to refer to this portal for checking out MBA colleges, after a friend of mine shared the link with me. And the information I received on the site, helped me to a large extent.

Apart from finding information about colleges, the site also highlights different entrance exams, their dates, latest buzz related to education industry and careers, college festivals and events. Keeping in pace with technology, the makers of this portal have gone ahead and launched the CollegeDunia App that is available on Android Google Play store.

It is time students take their admission decisions seriously as education forms the foundation stone of their career. It is wise enough to feel empowered and liberated at a young age rather than later repent not having made the right move with your career.

Now, take a look below at this inspiring story of a youngster, and how CollegeDunia.com played a catalyst in helping him find success in his career.

start ups going global

culture of start ups. College Dunia

My #madeofgreat best friend for life!

My #madeofgreat best friend for life!

God could not come down on earth to personally be with us through our highs and lows in life; so he made BEST FRIENDS. Do you have a best friend? That person could be anyone your siblings, parent, grandparent, childhood friend, or someone you have known for a long time. They are the same people whom you can trust blindly without battling an eyelid. They are the same people who know and can predict your every and thought and action. They are the ones who will pull your leg and laugh at you but also cry with you. Ultimately, they are the ones whom you can always count because they always have your back.

I never realized how my best friend, Indra could change my life forever. But he did make the most dramatic changes in my life in the most subtle manner. I used to be the most confused person on this planet. My decision-making skills were nil, and I always tried to seek advice from my loved ones. Without thinking about what my interests were or reflecting on my passion, I chose to take sales as my career option just because I heard from so-called ‘reliable sources’ that sales was the easiest route to minting money. I wonder if it was greed that took over me, but I persuaded myself to pursue a Master’s degree in Management. I was fluent in speaking English, and only that mattered to me. Though Indra did warn me about staying away from that career field, I chose to ignore his advice because earning big bucks was more alluring.

I landed myself a great sales job, and I was happy. But, my happiness was short-lived. I was grounded by reality because I soon realized that I was a misfit in the world of sales. Roaming door to door or company to company was not my cup of tea. It was tiring hectic and made me ill. I remembered Indra’s warnings. I wish I had taken his suggestion. He kept questioning me about what I wanted from life and how I was planning my career path. Since we are school friends, I recollected the competitive vibes we had in studies. He didn’t spare me even for the extra-curricular activities. It seemed like we were always racing and trying to reach the finish line first. We both shared a common love for writing. Since, Indra was already into the profession of technical writing and editing, he knew, writing was my first love as well.

He guided me in quitting my sales job and motivated me to take up my passion for writing as my profession. It didn’t seem enticing at first as I believed content writing was something people would look down upon. I knew people would make a mockery of me having persuaded my MBA only to become a content writer. I was afraid, but at the back of my mind, I knew Indra wouldn’t go wrong with his decisions. I don’t know he did that, and I still wonder how he manages to take the right decisions. But somehow his intuitions are always right. Be it in fashion, computer, electronics, philosophical, or any other field, his knowledge is commendable. What amazes me about him is the way he channelizes his learnings and applies to his daily life. He has not only been a best friend, but also a guide and teacher who inspires me to be optimistic, learn from my mistakes, and take up new challenges each day.

He set up a blog for me and guided me to manage my blog website and write posts. He was the brainchild and came up with great creative ideas. Though, I found the whole process of blogging quite rigid at first because there was not a single follower and my posts weren’t getting any likes. But gradually, I started getting good feedback for my posts. Indra ensured I made a good resume for myself and researched about different blogging contests. I bagged an incredible job for myself, and I am indeed happy. Right from ensuring I get on to a healthy diet to teaching me to operate new software and computer tricks, he ensures I stay happy always, he has been my pillar of strength.

Being my bestie, one thing that I learned from this person #madeofgreat is that, when you climb a mountain, don’t waste your time thinking what’s on the other side awaiting you. Enjoy the journey as you climb along. Indra was the risk-taker. He’d say, “People who are born into poor families keep cribbing and cursing their luck all their life. The truth is if you are born poor, it is not your fault; but, if you die poor then you alone are to be blamed for it.” One has to take significant risks to find their success. Steve Jobs would never be Steve Jobs, had he not taken the risk to start Macintosh. Neither would we even see the face of Facebook had Zuckerburg not brainstormed and taken the risk of manifesting his ideas. Though, I was just Indra’s best friend, he risked his time and efforts in molding and nurturing me. If he wouldn’t, perhaps I wouldn’t even be writing this post today. Life is all about finding that zeal, passion, and hunger for knowledge and learning. I hope to imbibe his qualities and inculcate them in my daily life. His thirst for living life meaningfully comes across as he tells me, “Don’t just live life by counting your years, but count the number of times you have lived life in all your years.”

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When #RealTogetherness matters the most!

When #RealTogetherness matters the most!

How people are addicted to gadgets! Image source: www.nytimes.com

How people are addicted to gadgets!
Image source: http://www.nytimes.com

I remember how proud I used to be of my long friend list on Facebook. I believed I was popular among many with my notification box popping friend requests each day. My inbox was fluttering with messages. My cell phone was buzzing every 2 minutes while I used to be addicted to playing video games on my tablet. “Wow! Technology surely does bring convenience and makes me a star in the virtual world,” I thought to myself. But, wait a minute? In what world was I living? Was it the world where everything seemed perfect though it wasn’t? Where replying to text messages were more important than speaking to the person in real life? Or where virtual emoticons expressed more than facial expressions and heartfelt emotions? More than 50% of the people who were on my friend list on social networking sites were people who I bumped into at office, but we would never speak. It dawned on me that it was all a lie.

No doubt technology has helped us humans to progress but it has demolished the spirit of real togetherness.  Today love between couples is better of expressed on social networking sites due to which there is a lack of dialogue between two individuals. Bringing flowers, holding hands, writing love letters, a guy pulling the chair or opening the car door for a girl, has all vanished. Though it may sound old school, it should be brought back.

Togetherness does not mean merely saying that you will be there for a person. It means personally standing up for that person in times of need. I recall the times, my family members, and I kept planning family trips often, but none would materialize due to our busy schedules. We (my parents and 2 siblings) needed to spend time together regardless of any situation that came our way. So, my mother decided to take matters in her hand and planned a surprise trip to a hill station. She had already packed our bags and made the travel arrangements. When we reached the resort, we were all amazed to see our entire family there. Grandparents, close family friends, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It was a huge surprise and ecstatic for all of us.

Real togetherness is about spending quality time! Image source: hellenicnews.com

Real togetherness is about spending quality time!
Image source: hellenicnews.com

While we ate, laughed, shared stories, played games, and made merry, it just made me realize how fortunate I was to have such incredible people in my life. While I was lost in trying to fit in the virtual world, my happy space was back here in real-time with my family and friends. The resort had even organized a tree plantation drive. And every family staying at the resort could participate. It was an exciting mission for all of us. Though it was a hustle-and-bustle situation at first, we still managed to pull it off. With team-building skills, cooperation, and togetherness, we planted maximum seedlings and won the 1st prize.  It was the first time that I participated in a tree plantation drive. That day I had not only felt close to nature but also felt a sense of achievement in caring and fulfilling my responsibility towards mother earth.

We all swore that we needed to plan such trips frequently as they didn’t only serve as a stress buster and social media detox but also brought us all closer to each other than ever. Maybe it is true when they say that gadgets and cellphones can be a stress machine. It gets you addicted to the world that is far from reality and true togetherness of your loved ones.

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Also watch this exciting and emotional ad commerical of Kissan below: