A letter straight from the depth of my heart

A letter straight from the depth of my heart

loveloveletterHey friends! I know it’s been quite some time that we haven’t caught up. So here I am today to make up for the lost time. I am pretty sure you may have missed me, right? What I will be writing today is something which I haven’t done before. I am stepping into a different zone altogether. A zone where romance and passion fills up the air. A zone where lost hearts unite together as one. A zone where sentiments ooze out abundantly like a melodious symphony. So in this article, well actually I would not call it an article, rather I would say it is a letter written by me to the one who completes me as a person and fills my heart with gladness.

We committed girls love to cherish and flaunt our boyfriends as our most prized possessions. While there are some qualities and traits that we just can’t ignore, there are mysteriously a few characteristics in the opposite gender that sweep us off our feet. Enriched with feelings and passion in this letter and speaking straight from the inner soul, read the love letter that I fervently wrote to him on a special occasion.

To the one who makes me feel like living each moment of life with a new zeal, the one whom I lost my heart to, making  me feel like a princess with cherishing desires, the person without whom I can’t see the sun shine during the day or the stars sparkle at night and my special one, whom I want to be with forever.

Dearest boy,

I do not know when and how my heart gave in to you. I do not know when I came to terms with the truth. All I knew was that no emotion could surpass the feeling of just being in love with you. I am writing this sweet note to you, to express what I truly feel for you as you know the matters that come straight from my heart are the ones which flow easily onto paper and pen. I probably never knew what life had in store for me until I met you. My life surprisingly took another turn when you stepped in and changed it forever. I thought fairy tales never existed until you walked in to bloom my gloomy and miserable life with your unconditional affection and desire for me. I thought Prince charming was more relevant in Mills and Boons, till our worlds collided. And till our paths crossed.

I see no you or me here. I unapologetically love you to the point where I can’t see anything beyond us. I don’t care for you alone but for your world. For the people who surround you and make you who you are. No one! No one can ever take your place in my life even if they wanted to. It does not really amaze me, how I cannot see anyone better than you. Perhaps this is because I am lost in the maze of love. I guess this is mindless dreaming. I want to love you right each time because every time I see you, I go back in time to the day I first met you and then I fall all over in love with you.

Falling in love isn’t such a complex thing. Neither is it something that happens overnight. It’s a journey. A journey that began when we exchanged greetings the first time. Nothing can ever be so pure, so flawless than our first kiss. It made my heart flutter to glory. As our lives transform with every stage; from strangers we turn into friends, from friends we turn into best friends, from best friends our hearts skip a beat and we fall for each other turning into lovers. Today, I feel blessed to have you in my life because we have now reached the stage where we share a special bond that cannot be broken by anyone. God forbid but not even can we ourselves break the bond of our love. I guess it’s the same connection between us that creates a telepathy, where we don’t have to say all things to each other but our minds can read each other. It can read the sentiments and emotions. It reads the heartfelt words that are buried deep down inside. Where there are even times when we understand each other’s next step or thought, much before we can practically even do or think of it respectively. From lovers we now stand as true soul mates. What a beautiful expedition!

Your sweet smile that is so good to me all the time, well even the thought of it simply cheers me up even on a rough and hectic week. I know you will deny the fact that you are possessive about me but I know for sure you are definitely protective about me. The thought of just being with someone like you makes me blush like a newly wed bride! And when you absent-mindedly run your hands through your hair, it gives me an adrenaline rush that I would want all the time. Your charming looks and the compliments that you receive, I take it in my stride. When girls look at you with their own bad intentions, it makes my blood boil and all I want to do at that moment is slap them all. They glare at me with jealousy in their hearts for having got someone awesome like you. True! I have got to be the luckiest girl alive to have made the cut. To have been chosen from so many other beautiful girls who desired to be with you.

I know that nothing can break us down now. I promise to look through you and read your every emotion silently. Standing by you through the most painful times in life and wading through the joyous moments. I want to capture them all in my heart. I want to accept you in your worst days with all your flaws. I want them all. I know this is insane but nothing can be more insane than loving the feeling of being in love with you. I want to be true to you forever and stay put even when you stop noticing if I am as pretty as I was earlier. I will still love you even if you forget my birthday or our anniversary, because to me just you remembering to buzz and ask me if I have reached home safely from work is more special than any other greeting on any occasion. I like the way we fight over silly things like dozing off on phone calls while we speak late nights. And more importantly I love how we make up after a silly tiff and then treat each other to delicious eateries.

Trust me! You are truly the epitome of my world. I can go on and on like this endlessly for hours gushing about you but I guess I would now rather let my silence speak as you shyly smile while reading this letter. Before ending this note, I want to thank you for being my perfect guy inspite of me having failed to live up to your expectations sometimes. I know I may not be the most beautiful girl around, I may not be very wealthy, I may not be the perfect girl but I promise to stay the same and be who I am, as much as I can, bringing out the best in you.

Well seriously, you are the best thing that had, has and could ever happen to me.

Yours sincerely,

The woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

P.S: Can’t resist the excitement and twinkle in your eye, when we head for a conversation on technology and gadgets as you are always well updated and can be my best guide.

 Touching? Emotional? Heart-warming? I am sure you are all mushy and want to spread the love around. If you haven’t yet revealed what you feel for him/her, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Tell the one you love about your hard core sentiments. Do not miss this opportunity of being the ultimate romantic one. You surely do not want to save the romance and lovey dovey talks for your old age. Then do it now! You never know, sometimes just words can clear a whole lot of misunderstandings between two people. So, if you really liked reading this ‘love letter’ then do like and comment on it; also do follow my blog as I will continue to surprise you with amazing heartfelt topics, relationships and the connection between two minds and one soul. See you next time with yet another hearty post. Till then take care and God bless! Have a happy reading!


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