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Trivia about the author- Karen Menezes



  • As a professional online marketing content writer, I write blogs, articles, poems, product reviews, e-commerce product descriptions, category pages, Wikipedia pages, etc.
  • I provide content for Ad campaigns, Print ads brochures, Flyers, Newsletters, Posters, Banners, Websites, Standees, Exhibitions display units, Bookmarks, and Hoardings.
  • The content I write is creative, and free from plagiarism, grammar and spelling errors.
  • The sections that I expertise are retail, health, fashion, lifestyle, electronics, and philosophy.
  • I also expertise in, SEO content that is extremely in demand these days if you want your business website to be ranked higher in the Google rank pages.
  • I specialize in content writing for Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


My background:

You haven’t yet lived your life if you aren’t happy about it. I have always believed in making this world a better place and doing my bit towards life. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Mumbai, India, I have been very enthusiastic when it comes to marketing and strategizing. Inspired by my family and friends, I always wanted to write because writing helps me to reach the undeniable hunger for self-actualization. It brings out the whacky, creative and philosophical side in me. That is how my blog learning life daily was born. Some call it a hobby; but for me it has been the best tactic to vent out my emotions and opinions towards various subjects. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading and listening to pop and country music. To me, blogging and reading are food for my soul I seek inspiration from the people I am surrounded by, as I believe that as a person you are defined by the people with whom you spend most of your time. I love to observe tiny little things around me. I wont call myself brand obsessed but I do love writing about the latest fashion trends and the most happening brands. Being a senior content writer in the advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce industry, I write for a range of esteemed clients.

Fun Facts about me:

Writer. Music lover. Street shopper. Dreamer. Online marketer.

Those who don’t know me say I am reserved, while those who do know me, think I am absent-mindlessly hilarious!

I love exploring my creative side. It makes me happy 🙂

Psssst… a secret about me… I have just started getting fashion conscious 😛

Fashion, health, electronics, consumer durables, technology, etc. , I can write for hours endlessly and end up breaking the keyboard!…

Okay! Just kidding about the breaking part! 😛

Love dancing international jives…

And then digging my hands into a plate of Mumbai ka pavbhaji!! 😀






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