The unspoken connection

The unspoken connection.


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new post on Learning Life Daily. I hope you are enjoying the start of 2015. It has been a wonderful week for me at work. Managing multiple projects and facing new challenges each day.  My best friend who is currently pursuing her higher education out of the country and is staying at a hostel recently called me up. She was heartbroken and stressed. On the call, she was sobbing and told me that she was getting a strong intuition that something wasn’t right back home. A feeling as if her partner wasn’t keeping well but was hiding it from her for reasons best known to him. I was worried for her. When I called him, I actually found that he was indeed unwell since many weeks but didn’t want to stress her out. And that is the only reason he hid it from her. This actually left me amazed. Was it really possible? How could she ‘sense’ something like that? Was it from his voice? But, he tried his best to hide it from her. Then what was it that kept her stressed? I have till date only thought that ‘soulmates’ and ‘inner connection’ existed in mills and boons. Or perhaps in fairytales. But, this was occurring in reality. I tried to probe further into this mystery. Can two people understand each other and their emotions without expressing it? Is there a bond that creates telepathy between two souls? Let’s unravel this mystery now.

So is telepathy between couples real or just a co-incidence? It is possible that two people can communicate without speaking to each other. The ability to say things to each other or sense the current emotions results due to a spiritual connection between two people. Sometimes it depends on what you are currently thinking. At times, it is difficult to sense  your partner’s thoughts, if your partner doesn’t want you to do so. It is when they feel that you could be possibly thinking about them and they don’t want you to know their condition. They could be going through pain and disappointment or a low phase of life. This is when they put up a mental barrier and try to act strong as if things are going on normally in their lives. Sometimes even you tend to put on such mental shield to prevent your loved one from seeing through you or trying to understand what is going on in your mind. If your partner has a strong mind that has the ability to penetrate your thoughts and decrypt them, then it possible for him/her to read your mind and vice-versa.

Such connection goes beyond just words, language or expressions. It occurs due to mutual trust and love for each other. There is a psychic level of trust and understanding between the two. Two love birds need not say everything in words. It flows through emotions, desires, through a special bond. When  two people are able to empathize with each other and put themselves in each other’s shoes, they know what the other person could be feeling. With the flow of time, this bond grows into something intense. You may start to feel that you are accustomed to your partner, so much so that you know his/her next move. You can predict what he/she is going to say, act, or even think. This bond doesn’t develop overnight. The more time you spend with each other, the more the minds start to understand and register each other’s physical, mental, and spiritual comfort.

As you grow older, the bond strengthens. Even if you don’t see your partner’s face for days, you are still able to interpret the emotions going on in his/her mind. When he/she is not keeping well or is feeling gloomy, you tend to get the vibes about it. Somehow you are not feeling good about it and you too start to feel blue. Your souls, bodies, and minds are connected to an intrinsic level, which is hard to express. If your partner has a good news to tell you, even before he/she can express it, you know it. You know for sure there is a breeze of happiness that is set to fly past you very soon. The emotions running through you are exactly those of your partner. And when he/she reveals the news to you, you may say, “I had a feeling, I knew something great was going to happen in your life today”. We don’t think too much of it at that point of time. But now that I have told you so much about this connection phenomena, I suggest you to go back in thoughts and try to recollect  all the times you have been able to look through your partner. Be it gleeful or disheartening moments. You will realize that the bond between the two of you is more than just love. It is special and extraordinary. Something that words cannot accurately define .

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    1. Thanks Neil! I am glad you liked it personally. I have tried my best to convey my heart felt emotions and views and I believe you too have connected with it. Thanks for following my blog Learning Life Daily. 🙂


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