Are women underestimating their power to fight back evil?

Are women underestimating their power to fight back evil?

newviolenceHey friends! A huge welcome to my first post! As a writer, I have always been inspired to write on various subjects. More importantly being a woman, I feel that women are many times subjected to certain rules and regulations of society, which compels them to face the wrath of a few mentally sick minded people. Women are always undermined as the weaker sex, whose place is only within the four walls of the house. They are treated as mere objects. I came across few shocking statistics about the rise in the amount of rape in this country. You will be disgusted to hear that according to the National Crime Report Bureau (NCRB), 93 women are raped every single day! Read on to find out more at These brutally dreadful numbers only go on to show how much women are being slaved and tamed to fulfill the evil desires of some men.  Hence I decided to write this article not to once again rattle the same old things but this time I will be shedding some light on how women have underestimated themselves to turn into victims. All it takes is courage and wisdom. Girls need to stand, be fearless and prove that they won’t take such crap anymore. Read on further, as I will take you through the journey of fearlessness and how to battle against the evil society.

There was a time when a woman could proudly walk on the streets with her head held high and feel safe and determined to accomplishing her goals and fulfilling her dreams. Gone are those days. With the advent of heinous crimes against women today fear has gripped the minds of each and every woman in the country. The same woman whom families considered as Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga is being ill-treated and manhandled by certain sick and disgruntled men. Men is just an understatement. There are monsters behind the face of humans. Today, how can we expect if our mother, daughter or sister is safe all the time? When she leaves for school, college or work in the morning how much secure do we feel that she would safely return home in the evening? Where has humanity vanished? Strings of cases such as the nirbhaya case and the Shakti mills gang rape it has become a shame for Indians who want to welcome foreign tourists with pride in the country. More than shame and disgust there is rage in the hearts of Indians.

                       The worst part is that many victims are still not given the justice they deserve. Their families have to bear the torment till justice is done. Crimes against women doesn’t just refrain to the outside world. Sometimes the accused lies within the 4 walls of the house. People whom we trusted, whom we loved, and people unimaginable to commit such pathetic crimes. With incidents and cases of marital rapes, girls being gang raped by their boyfriends and his friends, young girls being sexually harassed by their uncle, father or own relative. So whom do we trust then? If the mentality of these monsters are such then no wonder that girl infanticide and female foeticide still prevails. More than that, the situation has reached to the extent that these days’ parents wish they don’t have a girl child because they wouldn’t want their child to undergo the same torture and pain. They would not be able to bear to see their girl undergoing such agony. It is a shame to society that circumstances have led to people being afraid of having a girl child.

                           So whom do we blame for this? The moral police? Why have we even allowed this situation to arise? It is time we take a stand for the women in the society. Police security for women needs to beef up. Why should women go in the hiding and let fear grip their hearts. Severe punishment should be given to those evil men who take away the self-respect of women. The law needs to get more harsh and strict on them. Every criminal who takes away a girl’s pride should be given nothing less than death sentence. Especially at night there needs to be additional patrolling to ensure the safety of women. The Government should empower women to take up self-defence coaching so that they can fight against any danger.

                           They say prevention is better than cure, so women too should ensure that they take all steps possible to avoid such circumstances from occurring. No one can guarantee about changing the mentality of certain sick and evil men. So it is in our hands to keep the women in the society safe from all harm.

                         The fear has led women to believe that they are not capable of fighting back against such evil or taking a stand for themselves. This mind-set needs to be changed and women need to be stronger to fight against these men. No girl should consider herself weak or feel ashamed to communicate any kind of wrong doings or crimes on them. The power lies within all women. It’s time they rediscover their girl power and not let anyone take them for granted. Measures for self-protection aren’t few. Hence we need to learn and utilize them to our fullest. Take on the word girls!

So here it is. Fearless and free! That is what defines us women. No matter what, don’t ever feel yourself to be the weaker one. Fight back for your right! Fight back for your pride!

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