What comes easily doesn’t last long and what lasts long doesn’t come easily!

What comes easily doesn’t last long and what lasts long doesn’t come easily!

jumping businessman with business growing graph  cloudHi friends! I once again welcome you to my new post on Learning Life Daily. From the past few posts, I have always speaking about the issues our society faces as well about the trendiest brands in town but today I decided to talk about something new, something you may have experienced in your life but may never have given a deep thought. As we all know, life is unpredictable and comes with its share of ups and downs. There are so many little intricacies of life that are complex and beyond our understanding. The other day my cousin called me up and was zapped up ecstatic! Reason? She finally cleared her banking exams after several failed attempts. She was thrilled because she had given her sweat and blood for this. She knew the struggle wasn’t easy. It took her patience, dedication and a whole lot of hard work to finally attain success. Well she could have manipulated, she could have possibly found a shortcut to clearing the exams by cheating just like the way some of her own friends did but then she knew what the end result could be. My cousin did not want to gamble. Not at the cost of her career. She could have cheated, but the stakes were too high. One thing for sure is that she can feel proud and delighted clearing the exams out of her own will power and efforts. I later also got to hear that few students were finally caught red handed and were found guilty. This whole incident brought me to think deeply over how life can trap us if we don’t know how to treat it well. How finding quick routes to success can backfire on us. Hence I am writing this article to tell you of the things that come easily to us but do not last long while the things that actually long are the same things that we had to struggle extremely hard for.

In life, we usually try to find shortcuts as we feel shortcuts are the easiest way to climb the ladder of success but then we fail to realize of the circumstances we have to face in the ordeal of gaining ‘quick success.’ Do we ever ask ourselves what or how much do we deserve in life? Let me explain this to you with a very short example. Mr. A is working at a BPO and earns around 40-50k per month. His qualification is just 12th pass. While Mr. B is a graduate working in a decent organization, he earns just 15k per month. So tell me my dear friends. Is this just fortune? Destiny? Or shortcut? I don’t hold anything against BPOs but then they say it the only place to earn quick bucks. Let me remind you that most of these BPOs operate night shifts. Hence it is logical that over a period of time, working nights would hamper one’s health. So in the quest of earning quick money, health is ruined.

When one works happily without much stress and earns a decent amount, there are great chances that with time, one can grow in the organization and earn a higher salary. Well people, let me tell you that struggle is inevitable. One has to face the challenges that come their way in order to reach the top. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took years of dedication and sheer efforts to reach to where it is today.

Today we see many successful people who once upon a time had to deal with failures in life. Read: (http://www.businessinsider.com/15-people-who-failed-before-becoming-famous-2012-10?IR=T.) They stood back and fought the obstacles. Had they given up, they wouldn’t have reached the position because of which they turned famous. It is a very common notion to find shorter paths towards our goals but then if that was the case we would never commit mistakes or learn from them. Success may strike at a later stage in life, we may have to go through a tough battle and move mountains but then ultimately it is about the climb to the top and not about what is waiting for us on the other side. So come what may, always remember to be strong and brave enough to walk on the tougher path because the walk will teach you some of the best lessons of your life and so will the success taste sweeter than ever.

This brings me to the end of this article. Remember friends! Life is a dish full of different flavors. Sometimes sweet, spicy, sour, and even bitter. We never really know what the future holds for us but we should always be prepared for the worse. So if you thoroughly enjoyed this philosophical article on life and felt that you could relate to it then do like and comment on this post; also follow my blog. I will bring you more such articles on life that we all may have experienced but need to think over. Till then have a great day people! Happy reading!




    1. Thank u very much for your valuable feedback. I am glad you liked all the points I made. Do continue reading my blog. If there is any topic you would want me to write about then do pour in your suggestions.


    1. Thank you very much. Do continue reading my blog as I will continue to post articles on interesting topics. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Just for my knowledge, I would like to know which website are you linking this particular post to?


    1. Hey Lowell, thanks for liking the post and following my blog Learning Life Daily! Your feedback is valuable to me! I am glad you liked the post! Do continue to catch with the latest posts as I will be presenting fresh new topics on life! 🙂


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