Mom, baby, and Pampers: A love triangle!

Mom, baby, and Pampers: A love triangle!

Have you ever wondered how a mother blindly loves her child? Have you ever thought how love can begin with such a small little thing that hasn’t even formed fully yet? If you just sit to think for a moment then the phrase ‘love is blind’ is applicable to the mother-child relationship itself. Confused? Well, let me explain.

Recently while I watching TV with my mother, we saw an ad of Pampers. It gave us both a feeling of nostalgia. A feeling that I used to be that tiny tot years ago. It reminded me of the fun-filled moments that I shared with my mom. I may not recall each and every incident vividly, but it is always fun when my mother narrates my childhood tales. It gets me thinking how she dealt with my mood swings. As the ad came to an end, mom began to describe those cherishing memories.


#Throwback: That’s little ‘me’ in the arms of my grandmother!

20 years ago, my father used to work in Muscat, and every time he returned back home to Mumbai, he would bring a huge pack of Pampers for me. I would crawl all over the packs as a naughty kid and try to tear them open in curiosity. For family functions mom would take hours to deck up well but before that she ensured her little baby was clean and dry. Perhaps at that moment I never understood why mom would tuck me up in those cotton soft diapers. But it sure did felt comfortable.

 I could not tolerate grubbiness. Maybe that is why I am still a hygienic person even today. As a child, I kept nagging when my diapers were full. Though I didn’t know how to express it in words, all I would do is cry, kick my feet and not eat anything that was fed to me. But, mom was able to comprehend by my actions. I wonder how mothers understand their children’s needs. Is it something they are blessed with or is it something they imbibe during their pregnancy phase?


Even words can’t define the bond between a mother and her child. Image source:

When the child is in the mother’ womb, the mother doesn’t know whether it would be a boy or a girl. She doesn’t know whether it would be healthy or born with disability, whether it would be fair-skinned or dusky. Regardless of everything, when her baby is born, it becomes her world. She may be earning well or maybe be financially backwards but she will never compromise on her baby’s hygiene. She loves her child unconditionally. A woman may not like children when she is young and unmarried, but once a baby comes into her life, her world revolves around that little one.

My mom too made sure my diapers were changed on time to avoid the consequence of rashes and skin allergies. My skin was soft and tender and needed intense care. Each time I kept crying out loud, mom knew that my diapers were dirty. And after she changed it, I would become her loveliest and happiest ‘babu’, as she would fondly call me by that name. A comfy diaper does make a difference! On days when I was very happy I would play with soft toys for hours and not want to let go of them. I enjoyed running around the house and playing hide and seek with my parents. When neighbors and relatives came to see me, I would happily go into their arms and let them pull my cheeks. Mom too was free of worries when she had to take me for a stroll in the park or the building compound. I loved to watch the little boys and girls play and chase each other. The sounds of the birds chirping in harmony would made me dance with glee. At nights too, I could sleep peacefully without giving much trouble to mom or disturbing her sleep. Even now my mother tells me, no matter how naughty and devilish I would act by scattering toys all over the place or fidgeting with the electronic devices in the house, I used to snooze for long hours at night like a cute little angel. And then the next morning, I would be fresh enough to carry on with my mischief.

Even now, when I think of Pampers, I think of how much difference the brand made to my life. It has so much of recall value. I have observed when some people go to a shop to purchase diapers, they ask for ‘Pampers’ thinking that ‘diapers’ are called as ‘Pampers’.

Surely, I say, the fond memories brings tears of joy on mom’s face even now.

And through this article, I want to take this opportunity to thank my mom for bearing with me, taking care of me, keeping me clean, always putting my needs before hers, understanding my actions before my words…

Thank you Ma for everything… Thank you!! 🙂

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    1. Hey! I am so happy that you loved it! Pampers has a deep connection with mothers and babies! Its goes back a long way! I am sure it must have brought about nostalgic moments in your life. 🙂


    1. I agree, mothers are always read to sacrifice for their little one. That is the compassion and love every mother has! Through this post, I have tried to convey the emotions that exist between a mother-child and how Pampers is a catalyst in building their relationship. Thanks a lot! #learninglifedaily


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