#StartANewLife: Initiation is the key to success

#StartANewLife: Initiation is the key to success

Have you ever felt at some point in time that you were the one always following the rest? Have you ever believed that someday you need to take a stand and raise your voice? I know this must be troublesome for people with low self-esteem because even I used to be a follower until I finally woke up from my slumber of ‘laziness and fear.’

Three years ago, when I was pursuing my Bachelors in Mass Media, my family members laughed at me. I chose the stream only because most of my friends preferred it. My parents warned me that this was not my field, because I was shy and timid. Mass media students are supposed to be bold and confident. I hated people calling me ‘behenji’ because of the way, I crouched and walked and the type of clothes I wore. I was thin and lacked self-confidence because of my appearance. Though I was good at studies, I wasn’t able to express myself in fear that people would laugh at me.

Fear can defeat your self-esteem! Image source: http://jobs.lovetoknow.com/careers-shy-people

Don’t let fear defeat your self-esteem!
Image source: http://jobs.lovetoknow.com/careers-shy-people

During presentations, I would panic and try to speak quickly, and most of the times, would end up stammering or blanking out. I wasn’t the butt of all jokes, but I was aware that people made fun of me behind my back. Fear is something that can still be tolerated, but the worst part of me was that I was lazy as well. Lazy enough to avoid standing up and voicing my opinions! When the professor would ask a question, I knew the answer in my mind but would never raise my hand for two reasons. 1. What if the answer is wrong? Won’t they laugh at me? 2. Someone else will surely answer.

 I could prepare the PowerPoint presentations on my own, but no! Laziness! I depended on others. Somewhere down the line, I lagged behind in the race. The other students wanted to be filmmakers, journalists, etc. But, me! I didn’t have any career goals! I was too confused to decide what I wanted to be in life. I was ashamed of myself. Then on the insistence of my best friend, I decided to pursue a post graduate degree in management.

When I joined MBA, I started to see the enthusiasm and self-motivation among my classmates. While there were many competitive and bright students, a few others could barely speak fluent English. However, they made an attempt to speak in spite of knowing that people laughed at them. I then realized that this was the opportunity that I could not let go. I had to lead! I may have the knowledge, but then if I keep it to myself, I will never grow. I needed to spread my knowledge to others. I had moved enough along with the crowd! Now, I needed to create a new path for myself, lead and inspire others!

Since, I am good at English; I could always speak with them and correct them when they committed errors. When questions were asked in class, I would confidently raise my hand and give away the answer. If I had queries, I would immediately ask the professor. When we were allocated in groups for presentations, I would not wait for someone to take up the responsibility; I would take it up myself and guide my group members with their roles. There used to be a time when I had tons of opportunities to become the class monitor at school, but I always refused to do so. And now in MBA, I was selected as a student council member. That is because I initiated to nominate myself for it. I stood up and volunteered for every event. My presentations skills developed and people started appreciating my public speaking skills. No longer did I stammer! A person like me who was afraid to stand in a crowd and speak had now begun anchoring all college festivals and events.

Others too may want to lead, but you never put your hand down! Image source: http://imgbuddy.com/taking-initiative.asp

Others too may want to lead, but you must never put your hand down!
Image source: http://imgbuddy.com/taking-initiative.asp

I had killed that ‘evil, lazy child’ in me! And as far as ‘fear’ was concerned, that word was omitted from my dictionary. I worked hard on developing my personality by standing in front of the mirror and practicing speeches. I asked my close friends to monitor me and keep giving me feedback of my improvements. Gradually, I began to walk confidently among a crowd. My physical appearance may not have seen a drastic change but I aware that I was carrying myself well. Soon enough, everyone realized my potential. People started asking me for help. They knew that this woman is a ‘go-getter’! No matter what, she can handle situations. They wanted to be a leader like me and would tell me that I was their inspiration for performing better in academics and extracurricular activities. I could see myself being ‘the-manager-in-the-making’. I realized that communication and creativity were my strengths, so I chose marketing as my career field.

Stop being lazy and take initiatives! Image source: http://rightnow.ph/

Stop being lazy and take initiatives!
Image source: http://rightnow.ph/

My family was shocked by my transformation. In a period of 2 years, a scared and timid caterpillar had grown into an independent, brave, and colorful butterfly. I never felt this much confident before. Pursuing M.B.A proved to be a turning point in my life! It trained me to be a leader! I can’t stop thanking my best friend who suggested that I opt for it. Perhaps, she was the angel that God had specially sent down on earth to show me the beginning of the path. From there on, I had to take the initiative to walk alone and realize my goals and dreams. Sometimes, I wish I had taken those steps of initiation during B.M.M. But better late than never! I did change myself for the better. One thing that I realized from my journey was that life may knock you down, it may bring failures, but there is never harm if you initiate. Rather than waiting for people to take the lead, take it up yourselves, and you will feel happy and proud. In life, sometimes you may win, and sometimes you may lose, but the joy that you receive in having taken the first step towards achieving your goals will always make you feel like a winner.

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    1. Thanks a lot Geekyjeet! I will surely continue to share inspiring and heartwarming stories with my readers. Always remember to initiate, that’s exactly what the post teaches us! Thanks for your support! #learninglifedaily 🙂


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