A walk to remember!

A walk to remember!

Happiness is where you are and what you want to be, if you look you are sure to find the rainbow of your dreams. Tomorrow is fuller than a thousand yesterdays with the vision of a new day in your heart”. These are the lyrics of a beautiful hymn that keeps playing on loop in my mind each time I feel gloomy. How difficult is it for us to be happy? To be optimistic? When the shadows of fear, rejection, and disappointment conquers us, it tears all our hopes for a brighter future. I recently went through this divine experience where I encountered Mother Nature. Trust me when I say this, but I am not a person who loves to witness the raw and wild side of deserted forests. But, my recent voyage in the sundry forests in the one of the hotspots of the country, transformed me and my views towards life.


Strolling towards my destination!

My friend and I decided to visit an ancient Buddhist temple that was situated in the heart of a forest, at a tourist city in India. According to the instructions that were mentioned on the website of the locale, it was said that the temple would be a few kilometres away from the main gate of this forest. We chose to walk it out rather than travel by a vehicle.  But, who knew that destiny had something else in store for us.

As we walked by, initially it seemed like an achievable task. There were few other people who walked along. During the walk along the path, I gazed at the lake with its water that reflected the union of the clouds and the sun. “How magnificent nature can be,” I thought to myself. As we went few kilometres further, we realized that maybe we had chosen the wrong path. There was no one in sight! All I could see on both the sides of the road was barren land with shrubs and trees that I had never seen before. My friend and I were almost lost. We made up our minds that we would retreat.


The beautiful lake

But a spark within my soul kept screaming out, “This is what you have always wanted in life. You dreamt of visiting this Buddhist temple someday, how can you give up so easily?” We paused for a while, had a few sips of water from our bottles, and relished a few oranges that we had luckily carried in our jholas. During the journey, we clicked dozens of pictures that helped lift us our sunken spirits.

Maybe the rain Gods were pleased and thrilled to shower their blessings on us; perhaps that could be a reason why the clouds had begun to darken the sky. I realized that life had given us a sign of escaping the torturous heat of the sun by gifting us with a cool climate. Soon, the clouds released their tiny droplets, and before I knew it, I could smell the fragrance of the wet mud. That typical and rare fragrance! As we continued to walk by, we came across rural areas where slum dwellers who lived in huts, were enjoying the light showers. It reminded me that though people still lived in poverty, they learnt to be happy with what they had. Rather than worrying about petty issues, they saw optimism in minor things such as little rainfall.


The mountains and valleys touch the sky

Once again, we both started to lose our temper. It had been an hour since we walked. But there was no sign of a temple. My friend decided it would be better if we turned back. But then something stopped me, and I explained to her that we had already walked an enormous distance. We had to reach there. We had to make it to the temple! Nothing could stop us! With the assistance of the GPS on our smartphones, we guided ourselves. Soon enough, the journey that started off with anxiety, tiredness, and frustration, turned into an exciting one. As we were reaching closer towards our goal, I could sense an emotion called joy. The chirping of the birds in harmony, and a cute little monkey that caught our attention was the showstopper during the journey.


The little prankster who kept us on our toes!

We had walked more than 4 miles! Alas! We felt exhausted. Our legs were crying with pain. Our face was filled with anxiety. We were on the verge of a breakdown. But no wait, suddenly I heard people. I tell my friend “Can you hear that I think this is the sound of tourists”. And to my happiness, we see a small dot far across and tiny people walking up a mountain. There it was the ancient majestic Buddhist temple on the hills. If walking was not enough, we had to climb the steps of the temple. “Yes, I can do it!” I kept murmuring to myself. We finally reached the temple and enjoyed ourselves clicking pictures of the scenic beauty.


And there we are! The splendid temple at a visible distance!

When I went back home tired, there were many questions that kept arising in my mind. What if we had turned around and given up hope in the middle of the expedition? What if it had turned out to be a scorching hot day? What if we had never chosen to walk all the way to the temple? Perhaps then life would never have taught me so much. My dear friends, optimism is not something that falls on your lap. It is already instilled deep within your heart. You need to search positivity and let it guide you towards patience and success.


A walk to remember! A walk the changed my view towards life! A walk that made me believe in optimism!

The walk proved to be a walk I will never forget.

Millions of people will say, “You can’t! And when they say that, you tell them “Maybe I can’t, but I will”…

“I will” try hard to achieve my goals because when I give it my all, I know that “I can!” …

I can win the race of life!! 🙂


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  1. Hi, I keep checking your blog for new posts quite often. This post is very touching and reminds me of my visit to the famous Sunderbans. You have a good way of conveying your messages and stories. Keep up the good work and please continue to write such wonderful posts….
    Love your blog #Learninglifedaily


    1. That’s the way to go Neil! #Learninglifedaily is meant to connect with each and every reader out there. And people like you motivate me to write better! So, thank you very much! I am sure the message is loud and clear. Stay optimistic always and yes don’t forget to visit, https://housing.com/in


  2. Such nice thoughts here, it is very important to be positive in life.

    Btw, i loved visiting the temple with you in this post. Hope you discover many more such places and bring them to us.



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