The crazy love connection between Cricket and UC Browser!

The crazy love connection between Cricket and UC Browser!

Surf it all! Surf it fast with the new UC Browser! Image source:

Surf it all! Surf it fast with the new UC Browser!
Image source:

In a country that is rich in diversity be it in terms of languages, cultures, rituals, traditions, and religions, there is one particular religion that the entire country devotedly follows. It not only brings together people from various walks of life but also makes them stand together as one. So, which religion are we discussing? What is it that brings unity among a variety of citizens of India? Well, it is none other than cricket! It is true that the media claims cricket to be a religion in India and a maestro like Sachin Tendulkar as ‘God’! Such, insanity when it comes to cricket fans!

In a country like India, everything is forgiven, everything is forgotten, and everything is let gone when it comes to cricket. But, the important problem that arises is how we are supposed to follow the match without skipping our daily chores or the little things that make life important. Can we skip attending a family function? Can we ignore our house responsibilities? Can we bunk college/office? Can we postpone a dinner date? Why should we let go of our daily lives when technology can provide us with wholesome entertainment and live action right in the palm of our hands?

Thankfully for me, the UC browser has been a savior! I am glad, I finally got rid of my old browser and replaced it with the UC browser. It features a special section called as the UC Cricket. The space is dedicated to all cricket lovers like me who want to stay connected to the game without having to miss out on precious life moments.

My mom is a busy working woman who comes home tired after a strenuous day at her office. She expects her children to offer a helping hand in the housework and reduce her burden. I remember the time when certain guests arrived at our home, and mom asked me to help her in the kitchen while I was glued to the TV. I argued back, “But, mom today is India v/s. Pakistan! How can I miss that?” She gave me a blank stare and said, “Are you going to say the same thing to your future mother-in-law, when she asks you to lend a helping hand in the kitchen? You can see the highlights later but what about this particular moment with your mother, will you be able to get this moment back again? I realized mom was right! I needed to devote equal time to family and yet not miss on my dear old love, cricket! So, when I discovered about the latest UC Browser, my joy knew no bounds. I could catch glimpses of the cricket match on the UC Browser. Unlike regular mobile browsers, the UC browser provides fast surfing speed as well as seamless transitions. So, while I am happily placing snacks on the tray to serve the guests, I can watch Dhoni whack a six out of the stadium!

Whenever I go down to shop for groceries, I can bargain with the vegetable vendors and switch on the UC cricket space to get a glimpse of the score. No more do I have to rush home from office to check the score. During lunch or tea breaks, I can quickly update myself with the current score. No wonder then, all my office colleagues rely on me for quick updates on the matches. They enjoy watching the games on my UC Browser as its super-fast and does not lag or cause phone slack. Who wouldn’t want to experience extra love and attention by others when you have upgraded technology in your hands? Thanks, to the UC Browser, my surfing experience on the internet keeps me stress-free. No more loading of web pages or poor live-streaming. Get instant match updates at the speed of lightening with the super-fast UC Browser.

Get the latest UC Browser! Image Source:

Get the latest UC Browser!
Image Source:

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