#MyAirtelApp: The one-stop destination for Airtel services!

#MyAirtelApp: The one-stop destination for Airtel services!

Is that true? I heard that Airtel has introduced the ‘My Airtel App’? It is an application that serves as a one-stop destination to managing all tasks related to your Airtel SIM card and its telecom services. Isn’t that incredible? Now, longer do mobile users have to face hassles of running helter-skelter in quest of paying bills, buying products, or adding contact numbers. There are many ways in which the various services provided on the app can reduce our burden and manage Airtel services through our Android handset.

 After all the galore and the buzz about the app, I finally decided to go ahead and download it. The user interface was intuitive while the bright colors made it seem appealing. After I had explored all the features and functionality of the application, I realized how three concrete and innovative primary features would best suit my lifestyle and enhance my convenience options.

1. The Airtel Surprises:

I was just amazed by this feature. When I started using the app, it asked for my number, and I got registered within seconds. The app started showing my balance details and credentials. Soon this Airtel shake feature caught my eyes. I said, “Hey let’s give this a try and I shook my phone and can you guess what happened? Magic! The app gave me the best offer. As I am a freelance writer, I need to make several phone calls to my clients and coordinate with them regarding the projects. Hence, I always seek efficient calling plans. The app just magically offered me national 500 minutes calling for just Rs. 69. That was fantastic! It can’t get better than this!

2. Airtel Money:

This was the next best feature that I liked. As I had just seen the one of the best calling packs that suited my needs, I had to recharge my card. I navigated to the Airtel Money option and selected my amount and used my debit card details. The recharge was done in a jiffy! 5 minutes! That’s what it took me to shake my phone and get my desired Airtel offer without even moving from my seat. Now for someone who values time immensely, it’s a whole new story. Instead of walking in this hot Indian weather and standing in a long never-ending queue for getting my recharge, I just used a few swipes of my finger; yeah! Now that’s what I call a modern user!

3. I Want To:

The third trendy feature I liked about the app was the “I Want To” option. So I wondered what this feature is. It appears that this is one of the most productive features that the app possesses. Think of it as you recharge your number and as well as your mother’s number. The particular recharge amount is something you always prefer doing and frequently use. Similarly, in my ask there is a special data pack that I always use at the start of the month. So the app remembers my favorite options and when I click on the ‘I Want To’ option, it will display them. How cool is that! It will show the most used features and save your time. ‘Smart app’ that’s the adjective I would use for this Airtel App.

So there it is folks! It was my personal hands-on experience with the new My Airtel App. If you haven’t yet discovered these awesome features, then visit http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.


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