10 ways to recover from a low phase of life

10 ways to recover from a low phase of life

recoverydipHi everyone! Welcome to my new post on Learning Life Daily. To begin with, I had received loads of touching feedback on my previous post ‘Curse of the dip phase.’ This spoke about the consequences of arriving into dark days and what it can do to destroy your soul. Readers told me that they found my article very inspiring and relevant. From the many suggestions I received, readers requested me to write on ways to recover from that low phase. So here I am writing this article stressing on ways to bounce back from depressing moments of life caused by failure or any other such traumatic incidents.

Heartbroken and depressed, we as humans try to find the most absurd ways to recover from a low phase in life. It knocks us down at the most unexpected times and all we can do is abuse it and curse our luck. At times there are people who find it very difficult to get out of that stage. They seek professional help. Trust me! You do not need professional help because if there is anyone on this earth who understands you very well then that person is- you and yourself! Humans are genuinely complex and life is much more intricate. We fail to comprehend certain things in life. And during a low period all we want to do is, throw our hands in the air! Just give up! No that is certainly not happening here. Come on people! There are so many ways to overcome our problems. I do not intend to deliver a moral science lecture here but just share a few things that you could do to while you are stuck at that least point on the graph of your life. So here we go:

  1. Believe in yourself:

This may sound cliched but then it is absolutely significant. Why would you expect your boss to believe that you deserve a promotion when you can’t rely on your own self? Look into the mirror and fix up the mess by instilling confidence in you because that is the one thing which shatters the moment you find yourself stuck in the phase.

  1. Confide in someone close and optimistic:

I know there is that little thing in you called ‘ego’ which does not wish to let your fears, insecurities and worries reach to someone else’s ears. Frankly, we all need a parent, sibling, close buddy, or a confidant in whom we can trust. Expressing yourself to that person, does not make you small but it only clears spaces in the corners of your mind. It lets you breathe in newer optimistic thoughts. Be sure that person is an optimist or else it may backfire!

  1. Do a root cause analysis:

Go ahead, dig deep into the problem and get to its root. There has to be some fault that occurred right in the beginning. We often try many ways of solving issues but the worst part is no one really knows what the real problem is. Unless we don’t understand and reason out the main bug causing the virus, we wouldn’t be able to feed in the right anti-virus. A doctor too, analyzes the illness and accordingly suggest medication to cure that illness. We should not be practising solutions that are not suitable for the issue. To solve the issue, we need to know it deeply. So try to comprehend where you went wrong at the beginning. Try to boil down as to what could be the possible reason for the failure. Perhaps it would help you solve them and once again kick-start yourself. This time, you will be on the right track to success.

  1. Unwind yourself!

Relax! Go party hopping! We are just humans and not some ferocious machines! We all commit errors and thus face consequences. When we are stuck right there, all we want to do is get out by hook or crook. We fail to realize that our brains are overworked and stops supporting the body. This in turn leads to our health going for a toss. We take our mind and body for granted. ‘No way! They just can’t take a moment of relaxation, especially during these bad days,’ this is what we usually think. At times like these, ease yourself! Hang out with your friends. Go on a hike. Plan a short trip to a hill station or your favorite holiday destination. You never know how a brilliant idea could just bump in while you let your hair down. The mind, body, and soul rejuvenate and you could be struck with the best way of moving out of the phase.

  1. Be close to your family:

Blood relatives are blood relative no matter what! At the end of the day it is your family and loved ones, whose face you have to see every single day. Perhaps talking to them could make you feel better. It would make you feel that there are people who love you the way you are and accept you for who you are. They may be the ones who scold you for all your wrong doings. But the very next day they are the same people who will forgive you and are restless until your issues are settled. Even if you don’t share a good rapport with them, just being with them, joining them in family functions, helping in household chores would certainly make a difference to your thinking. It would enable you to stay put through those difficult times and seek ways of moving towards success.

  1. Seek alternative ways of doing things:

If you have been doing a particular thing in a rigid fashion all this while, then start looking for something else. Changing your routine sometimes does work because, when you do so, your life feels the difference. Perhaps it was supposed to be like this. You had to follow this new path but you weren’t ready to play the risk game. You would never know if you never tried. So there is no harm in seeking a new way. For example: If you have been facing rejection in all your interviews then there must be something wrong. You must be consciously or unconsciously following a pattern and that pattern does not seem to work at all. Try a new method! Perhaps in all your previous interviews you spoke, walked and wore clothes in a particular manner. Change it! Try new ways! Change is inevitable! And a change will certainly help you look at things from a new perspective.

  1. Constructive feedback from others:

At times we fail to see our own flaws and work on them. We need daily dose of reality checks from the people who surround us. Unless we don’t receive genuine feedback about what we do, we are not going to improve. Criticism is a part and parcel of learning. It is in our hands as to how we digest it. We can either crib about people not appreciating what we do or we can improve ourselves by working on our weaknesses. For examples: When we decide to choose new ways of doing a task, we need thorough feedback from our parents, colleagues, and friends. We need to understand their perception of the changes we undergo. Based on that, can we move ahead to step out of that horrific phase.

  1. Invest time in your favorite hobby:

After a bout of failure, the last thing that anyone would do is spend time on their most loved hobby. Be it cooking, reading, painting, music, etc. we tend to ignore one of the most important part of our lives. Why do we do that? That would be the most stupid thing to do! Our hobbies define who we are and is something that our minds wish to do during our leisure hours. Ignoring that would be equal to finding an excuse for laziness. It would also mean we are just cutting down the problem by finding shortcuts. That is not going to help in any case. Enjoy your favorite pastime and you will soon realize that the bad phase ticks away quickly. It helps distract you from unfortunate incidents that led you to being there. So continue to stay passionate about your hobbies and devote some amount of time to it every single day.

  1. Laughter Therapy

Yes I know that just from the title of this point you may have already pre-empted the most clichéd sentence that I would be using now- ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ This is entirely true. When we roll in laughter and have our funny bones tickled, it doesn’t just distress us but also pops ideas into our heads. Watching stand-up comedy videos make us realize that we are worth much more than sulking over failure. It pushes us to reaching our goals yet balancing us as humans. If they can do it (comedians), then why can’t we? All we need to do is let ourselves loose and erase those bad memories. Truly I say! Laughter is a complete catalyst to overcoming our worries.

  1. Waiting for the right opportunity

This is the most important point that you just cannot ignore. Patience! My dear friends, all it takes is patience and perseverance. During difficult times we try seeking shortcuts. Running away from the problem seems like the easiest thing to do. But if that was the case, the globe would still be doomed under the wrath of world-wars. People would still be bombing each other’s country and think that it would be the best solution. No! That would be no solution, rather just running away from the problem. And perhaps, world peace wouldn’t see the light of the day. Remember this! Just like after a stormy night, there is always a beautiful sunny morning; similarly our lives too have good days waiting in queue after all those bad times. All we need to do is look forward to it with a smile on our lips and optimism in our hearts.

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So my dear people, this article was specially for you on public demand. I hope you liked reading this post. If you think it was pretty relevant and could create some transformation in your life then what are you waiting for? Hit the like button! You are welcome to pour in your suggestions on interesting topics that you would like me to write on. Do share this article with your friends and family; also do not forget to follow my blog, as I will bring you amazing thoughts on life every day. See you next time at this same place! Till then have a blast! Happy reading Folks!





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