#GetAirtel4G for lightning fast internet speed

#GetAirtel4G for lightning fast internet speed

GetAirtel4G to experience super fast internet! Image source: www.technologydarbar.com

GetAirtel4G to experience super fast internet!
Image source: http://www.technologydarbar.com

Have you heard about the Airtel 4G internet speed? Want to know how to get Airtel 4G sim? Read further to know how I can utilize the speed of Airtel 4G.

Just heard that my favourite pop icon Rihanna has come up with a new music video! Wow! This is super exciting because I want watch it much before my friends do. I am sitting with my gang of friends, and they joke that it would just not be possible with a slow internet network. I laugh at them and immediately search for the music video. Zap! Within a few seconds, the HD video is downloaded and begins to play while I enjoy watching it and seeing their astonished and puzzled expressions. “How did that just happen?” they ask me. I smile and reply, “What? Haven’t you guys heard of the blazing Airtel 4G speed? It is the latest buzz that the whole of India has been talking. If you still haven’t yet heard of it then be prepared to #GetAirtel4G and experience an entire new revolution of networking and technology.

  • Stream live videos at a faster pace

So how to get 4G on Airtel and what are the benefits of it? Well, as a matter of fact Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator who is to roll out 4G services. Isn’t that exciting? So, no more loading of videos or extra buffering time. I can easily watch live videos of my favourite cookery shows while simultaneously cooking delicious and lip-smacking dishes for my family members. Thankfully, Airtel 4G offers internet speed for mobile plans in both prepaid and postpaid, so it is versatile and convenient. And the best part is that all your Airtel 4G plans are offered at the price of 3G.

  • Find my destination

Travelling in a city like Mumbai can sometimes can be perplexing and leave you bewildered. With so many high rise building, lanes, sub-lanes, flyovers, it gets tricky locating a new address. In such times, we end up relying on people walking on the street or the ‘paan-walas’ to guide us. The only reason for this is because our internet connectivity ditches us at the very last minute. But, now knowing how to get Airtel 4G SIM and enjoy high speeds, I can immediately open Google Maps and discover my exact location via GPS assistance. All this on the tap of a single button. Thanks to Airtel!

  • Quick music download

As a music junkie, I am accustomed to downloading the latest soundtracks on my smartphone. I may be travelling or at home, I enjoy quickly downloading and listening to music on the go. And with the foray of this new advent in telecommunication, I wonder what high clarity music without Airtel 4 G speed is? One hit on the ‘download’ button and before I realize, the song is already made its presence into my playlist.  It turns out that everything related the World Wide Web will be associated with Airtel 4G.

With the Airtel 4G network, my life is certainly going to be more hassle-free and convenient than before. If you still haven’t yet experienced the dynamic power of 4G on Airtel, then get set and be ready to jump into a world of quick connectivity. Join the #Get4GAirtel revolution and watch yourself being connected to your world just at the swipe and click of your fingertips.

To know more about the services and exciting plans of Airtel 4G, visit, http://www.airtel.in/4g/

Also, watch this latest ad commercial of Airtel 4G below


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