From ‘developing’ to ‘developed’: Intel pledges #DigitalIndia!

From ‘developing’ to ‘developed’: Intel pledges #DigitalIndia!

My next door neighbor doesn’t want to learn how to use net banking. He doesn’t mind waiting in long queues just to transfer money to his account. He has the knowledge of operating a computer but still doesn’t want to utilize the advantage of technology. Why do people still want to stay ignorant, monotonous, and stick to age-old techniques? Maybe it is because it has something to do with their mindset! And that needs to be changed! For a very long time now, India is stuck with the label of ‘developing nation’. It is time the Republic of India envisions itself as a developed country and not just as a developing nation. And to get that status, E-governance has to be empowered. Intel India brings forth its mission of #DigitalIndia where technology can drive the masses towards progress.  I personally believe that Intel can indeed create a new dimension in promoting E-governance if the following approaches are adopted.

Here are few of the best ways, E-governance can be put to practice.

1. E-Woman Safety wrist bands

(E-Governance model- Government-to-Citizens)

We sense pride in the fact that our country has a strong defense army that protects the nation from political threats. But then why is it that the women of our country still feel unsafe? In order to shield women from the evil society, the government should come up with a new E-woman safety initiative. Intel can team up with the telecom companies and manufacture their Intel SOC (software-on-chip) based wristbands having Intel processor chips. The bands will keep transmitting the woman’s exact location. Since it is a government initiative, organizations should provide these unique E-safety bands to their female employees at an affordable price.

E-training programs should be given to the women task force, and they should be educated and well trained to women safety systems. This will not just protect the women of our country but also take the safety needs a step further, thanks to technology imbibed by Intel and telecom companies.

With Intel E-Wrist bands, the government ensures women safety! Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

With Intel E-Wrist bands, the government ensures women safety!
Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,

2. E-smart ration cards

(E-Governance model- Government-to-Citizens & Government-to-Government)

In order to curb discrimination in the distribution of groceries, E-smart ration cards should be distributed to the poor masses. The government can partner with Intel for the manufacturing of these E-smart ration cards. The Intel processor chip inside the E-smart ration card will contain the information of the individual (age, gender, income, house income, occupation). This will be linked to the PAN card of the person. The card will contain information and details of how much groceries have been received for the month. This will assist the administration in keeping a track of whether the poor families are receiving a fair share of their monthly ration without any hurdles.

E-smart cards promote equal distribution of wealth! Source: 1

E-smart cards promote equal distribution of groceries!
Source: 1 , 2

3. E-Information kiosks

(E-Governance model- Government-to-Citizens)

Imagine a rural man has visited the city for the first time. He purchases a product from the shop, but the shopkeeper takes advantage of his illiterate background and cheats him by charging double the price for the product. The helpless man later realizes that he was cheated. What should he do? He doesn’t even have any acquaintances in the city. In such instances, information kiosks should be opened up at every feasible spot in the city.

The government can partner with Intel India to set up E-information kiosks. An ordinary man who uses it can see and hear the information in the regional language of his choice. If a person is well informed and aware of the latest government updates, only then can the country see the vision of an equally developed India with the best digital skills. Many government employees should be assigned to visit rural areas and educate the masses about the E-information kiosks.

E-Information kiosks can benefit people with the right information! Source: 1 , 2 , 3

E-Information kiosks can benefit people with the right information!
Source: 1 , 2 , 3

4. E-tabs

(E-Governance model- Government-to-Employees)

If a man wishes to open a bank account, apparently the bank would demand photocopies of his official documents such as PAN card, passport, Aadhar card, passport size photographs, etc. So, instead of piling up excess documents, the bank executive can use the particular Intel tab, click a picture of the person, click photos of all the original documents and save them in the tab. All the information would be then transferred to the relevant authorities.

The backup of all the database that is stored in the tab would be on an official server that belongs to the Government. Less paperwork, reduced efforts, and faster service would make it a win-win E-governance situation for the customer, Government official, and the Government system as a whole.

E-tabs make work convenient! Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

E-tabs make work convenient!
Source: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4


Remember folks, there is no need to wait for the future… because the future is already here!

With Intel, let’s pledge for a #DigitalIndia… for a developed India! Jai Hind!!! 🙂

For more information on the current ‘Digital skills for India’ initiative by Intel, visit,

P.S. This post is a part of a contest held by IndiBlogger for Intel India’s #DigitalIndia campaign.

Note: The superman Intel character and the comic strips are a property of the respective blog owner.


  1. I love reading your blogs and am a huge supporter of #DigitalIndia program. Well written and excellent creativity 🙂


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