The five gems of my life that make me happy!

The five gems of my life that make me happy!

When was the last time people rolled off laughing at a foolish joke that you may have cracked? Or when was that moment you complimented someone on their stunning outfit and they smiled back with a shy, ‘thank-you’? See, it doesn’t take enormous efforts to bring little bubbles of joy in a person’s life. There may be disharmony, troubles, pain, sorrow, disputes, misunderstandings in this world, but they last for short intervals. If there is anything that lasts forever, then it is happiness and love. Even if you are going through painful moments of life, there is always something or someone who will remind you that they are always there for you. So, here is my list of the entities that make my world revolve with mirth:

1. Family

Birthday parties, anniversaries, or simple get-together gatherings need a reason to celebrate. And remember that celebrations do not always mean grandeur. It just means spending quality time together. Each time my parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunties get together under one roof, the entire ‘khandaan’ engages in various activities. We love talking, eating, playing board games, watching TV, playing loud music, dancing, and making merry. Just being around people whom you love is a nostalgic and beautiful feeling. It reminds you that they are the same people with whom you have simultaneously grown up, and who have watched you grow up ever since you were a toddler. For me, the thrilling moment was when dad would pick up the 2-litre Coca-Cola bottle n all of us would run towards it with our glasses and playfully fight to be the first one to sip it. Such little incidents would bring all of us closer.

Spend maximum time with your family members! Image source:

Spend maximum time with your family members!
Image source:

2. Friends

My friends are like my precious jewels. I can’t describe the happiness of travelling with them, sharing cosmetics, and painting each other’s nails. Sometimes, we enjoy chilling in one another’s home on a girl’s night out, and click dozens of ‘selfies’ until we get the perfect one. There are uncountable moments that I have shared with my friends. Even though we argue and fight at times, I know that we have each other’s back. Walking with my best friends on a rainy day and enjoying the cuttingchai and hot pakoras is one of my favourite moments of the monsoon season. Talking about the weather, my friends and I love to smell the scent of the mud after the first showers. Truly! No perfume on this earth can beat the fragrance of that mud. On fun days, we get together and watch romantic comedy films while we enjoy the bubbly and refreshing taste of Coke and munch on popcorn. Friends are God’s gift to each and every person. Now, how you treasure them, depends upon you.

Soak in true joy with you dear friends! Image source:

Soak in true joy with you dear friends!
Image source:


3. My Pet

Those who have pets at home will be able to empathize with my emotions. You may be happy or sad, people may know it or not know it, but your pet will be the first one who will understand the feelings buried in your heartbeats. My cute 22-month-old Bulbul bird whom I fondly call as Mimi is my evidence of happiness. If I come home distressed, I simply gaze at her and all my worries are forgotten. Her funny antics, sweet whistles, and hungry nature always keeps me on my toes. I care for her as my child. Sometimes, I don’t realize it but I feel a sense of relief when I see her. She makes me feel like a nurturer. I treasure the joyful moments when I sip Coke, and she flies and sits on my shoulder, peeps her head into my glass and drinks a few drops. She is content to be fed the same type of food that we humans eat. And looking at her happiness, doubles up my joy.

Seeing her lifts my spirits! (My bulbul- Mimi)

Seeing her lifts my spirits!
(My Bulbul- Mimi)


4. Job

There is a famous saying “Happy is a man who earns by his hobby!” I completely agree with this. After trying several jobs and facing rejection and disappointment, I finally chose to do something I love. Today, I work as a writer and I am proud of myself. Since I am passionate about my job, I do it with happiness and dedication. And it reflects in the quality of my work. Even workloads don’t feel troublesome because I am immersed in my tasks. The satisfaction of completing assignments within the deadline is euphoric! And when they call for a celebration at the office, pizzas and Coca-Cola bottles complete the picture.


5. Shopping

Bargaining with the street hawkers is as thrilling as buying products from a high-end boutique in a mall. It’s about living the moment as it comes. If I purchase something at a discounted price or if I grab an outfit for a great deal at an online store, the joy takes me to another level. I am sure all those who bargain with hawkers and bag their favourite clothes or shoes at a reasonable price can understand my emotions. It feels as if we have won a world cup tournament, doesn’t it? And after a long and tiring shopping session, the joy of buying a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola, and quenching our thirst, is incredible!


These are my top 5 reasons for ultimate happiness, but one thing (the 6th thing in the list) that is common in all is Coca-Cola. It spreads positive vibes and offers a refreshed feeling. Right from the time I was a kid, till now that I have grown-up, the delicious taste of coke keeps me rejuvenated and happy.

Coca-Cola provides the best reason to be cheerful and to spread liveliness to your near and dear ones!

So, the next time you are in search of happiness, look deep within yourself.

There is always going to be a cheerful ‘you’ who is waiting to make other people feel blissful!

Happy International Day of Happiness!! 🙂

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