Top 5 Singaporean dishes, which will leave you craving for more!

Top 5 Singaporean dishes, which will leave you craving for more!

Stir-fry noodles, crabs dipped in delicious garlic sauce, barbecue chicken wings, and steamed tangy rice with mixed veggies! Your mouth is already watering, isn’t it? There is so much of a variety on the menu that you are always left puzzled about your choice when you are in Singapore! Enough of the ‘dal-chawal’! It’s time you pump up your taste buds and take them on a food voyage to the food capital of the world- Singapore! So, all you lovely foodies, join me, as I take you on a trip down the South-east Asian food lane. Read further as I uncover my top five favorite Singaporean dishes that you can’t afford to miss.

1. Chilli crab

(Let the war of the spices begin!)

You can’t return home from Singapore without having tasted this delicacy. I can imagine bargaining with the fisher ladies here to purchase crabs at negotiable rates, but I can’t imagine letting go of this crabby Singaporean delight even if it is priced on the higher side.

Stir-fried in a semi-thick tangy, sweet and savory tomato and chilli based sauce, the crab meat melts in your mouth while the rich brown gravy is lip-smacking. The dish name screams out ‘chilli crab’ but don’t go by the name because it isn’t extremely spicy. Rather it is medium and perfectly spiced.

In my opinion, this Singapore signature dish and its aromatic sauce can even tempt ‘Rajinikanth’ to eat a thousand servings of chilli crab at one go! 😛

2. Nasi Lemak

(Making your day happy with rice!)

Are you a rice lover? Then this meal would be heavenly for you! Singaporeans love their Lemak (richness teamed with coconut cream)! This is an authentic Malay breakfast dish that comprises of rice cooked in coconut milk and tossed in a spicy sambal curry.

It is served in a ‘pandan’ leaf. The meal is accompanied by various side dishes such as deep fried drumsticks, fish cake, curried vegetables, sausages, chicken franks, and luncheon meat. This unique ‘Nasi Lemak’ is wrapped in banana leaves is famous at hawker food stalls of Singapore. It’s just awesome! 🙂

3. Bak kut teh

(Delicious Piggy’s day out on the plate!)

Does the name ring familiarity? No, don’t compare it with its literal Hindi translation! 😛 Pork ribs boiled and simmered in water for hours with a dash of garlic, pepper, and medicinal herbs. My dear people, if you thought this dish is only suitable for the taste buds, then you need to know its additional benefits. Earlier in the 20th century, it was used to strengthen bodies and boost immunity.

So, one thing is for sure; Singaporean cuisine does make you healthier. Now, your regular Indian sabzi-roti can take a chill-pill! Choose from the peppery Teochew and the darker Hokkien stew. I bet you would fall in love with both! ❤

4. Fried Hokkien Mee

(Anyone craves noodles?)

Delectable flavors and tempting aromas of this Singaporean dish makes it a class above the rest. Did you know that in the past, post the war, all the hardworking laborers especially immigrants who worked in noodle factories thrived on this creative platter? Yellow egg noodles tossed with rice vermicelli and cooked in seafood stock.

Wondering what the stock comprises? Hold your breath… delightful prawns, strips of pork belly, and lard pieces! The tangy juice is surprisingly the icing on the cake as it cuts through the greasiness. If millions of people order this dish on the menu, then neither it is just a coincidence nor are they are copying each other. They are all just bonkers about this meal!  It’s surely a must-try specialty!

5. Chai tow kuay (carrot cake)

(Carrots with a twist!)

No, this isn’t the regular ‘gaajar-ka-halwa’ that your mom lovingly prepares for you. This is more grand and innovative! White carrots or radishes are grated and mixed with rice flour. It is steamed into slabs and cakes. They are then fried with turnips, fish sauce, soy sauce, and spring onions. This takeaway is available at various hawker centers in Singapore! Carrot cake is a belly appetizer that is grease laden and is best enjoyed when warm.

So, now that I have told you of my top 5 favorite foods, don’t just stare at the images and salivate! Go, grab a bite of the foodstuff mentioned above.  Singapore is filled with diverse cuisines ranging from Singaporean, Malay, and Chinese. Folks, all you need to do is pull a takeaway and begin feasting right away!

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  1. Hi! I am a fellow food blogger. I like your blog. Your review is amazing.I need a review on Korean fried chicken especially Four fingers. What do you think of it. Please let me know if you have tried it.


  2. O MG! what a mouth watering Singaporean dishes. I would love someday to go to Singapore just to indulge on their delicious cuisines. Nevertheless, using visualization and fantasizing eating those mount watering dishes that’s on the pictures does help satisfies my craving for Singaporean hot chili dishes . Thank you so kindly for sharing.

    Have a pleasant day!


    1. Thank you very much Jean! Singaporean food is indeed delicious! I am glad you loved the post! Do follow my blog n read my other posts. I will be coming up with more such exciting posts 🙂


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