When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!


“I will never say never, I will fight till forever, whenever you knock me down, I will not stay on the ground, I will not give up and never say never.” The famous lyrics of a song, so inspirational and enriched with meaning in each word. But do these lyrics apply to you? Have you ever been knocked down by life only to rise up and get knocked once again? How many times have you felt like quitting each time you were betrayed by life? The anguish, torture, and disappointment of struggling for something you know you can achieve is terrible. So, how do you stand tough in such times? Hi friends, I Karen welcome you once again to a new post on my blog, Learning Life Daily. Today, it is true that the journey to success is usually long and tiring. But, is it important for us to undergo hardships every single day? As I was saying, life will always keep throwing new challenges at you. There will always be people who will demotivate you and circumstances that will bring you on the verge of quitting. But, you get hard-skinned with time. Read on, as we uncover yet another philosophy of life.

Each time you walk on a path filled with murky potholes, you try your best to avoid it by jumping over it. But what if the pothole is too large to be jumped over? Then you have no option but to step into it. Because finally, you have to reach your destination, even if it requires you to get yourself dirty and even stain your clothes. Similarly, in life too, wherever you may be, you are required to stand strong and walk towards your goals. People may throw dirt at you, demotivate you, find reasons to be an obstruction in your path, but there should be no stopping you. With the flow of time, you will only get stronger and habituated to these obstructions. And there will be a time when these barriers will be a child’s play. Let me explain this to you with an example.

There is a man who works hard to grow and get a promotion in his career. No matter how hard he slogs day in and day out, he sees no signs of success anywhere in his path. Even though he is the best at his job and leaves no scope for errors, the management always try to find irrelevant reasons for not promoting him. They form barriers in his mission to reaching the top. Whenever life provides him with a new opportunities that seems like sunshine on a rainy day, he tries his best to sieze it and works hard for it. But, to his utter disappointment, he is rejected every time and his work is given no credit. Ultimately, he is aware that nothing can stop him. Some day or the other people will have to start recognizing his talent and value him as an employee. In the end, he finally achieves his goals, gets a promotion, and fulfills his dreams.

My dear friends, today people think the easiest way to solve a problem is to get rid of it by avoiding it. Quitting seems like the simplest task where you don’t have to carry any burden of disappointment on your shoulder. But, what people fail to realize is that as challenging times passes by, it only makes you tougher and ready to face the next trial. You want to do better each time you are face a new challenge. Ultimately, nothing on this earth can affect you and in the end, you turn out to be a winner.

Remember that we are like trees in the garden of life. There will be cruel people trying to chop us down. At times, the wind will blow hard and try to break our leaves in other words, our confidence. But, we need to keep our roots firm. Not move even an inch. Let people try to shake us and use us to climb ahead, steal our fruits (our skills), enjoy the shade we provide (our goodness) but we won’t back down or move. Eventually, they will get fed up someday, move aside, stop using our good nature, and allow us to grow in peace.

Dearies, life has so much to offer us. Take in some time to reflect on everything that we have discussed above. If you found this post appealing then shower the post with your affection by pressing the like button. Honestly, I would love to hear what you have to say, so pour in your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Remember that your friends and family may be going through tough times in life and need some motivation. So, without any further hesitation, quickly share this post with them and cheer them up.  Also, you may be tired at work or chilling at home, you can always get notified by an e-mail as soon as I post new articles. For that just subscribe to my blog by hitting the follow button on the screen! Okay friends thats it for now! This is me Karen, signing off for the day! Have a fun-filled day ahead! 


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