Make pimple-free skin your topmost priority with Garnier Pure Active Face wash.

Make pimple-free skin your topmost priority with Garnier Pure Active Face wash.

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Imagine walking in to a party with young, good-looking people thoroughly enjoying themselves, but you are feeling odd and awkward about yourself. Reason? That ugly pimple marks on your cheek! This same incident happened to me very recently. It was disturbing and embarrassing at the same time because people kept staring at me as if I was some alien who just arrived from another planet.

Initially, I thought the occurrence and burst of pimples on my face was due to excess makeup. But, acne is caused due to many reasons. Oily food, hormonal changes, stress are some of the root causes of pimples. This not only leads to permanent scars but also damages self-esteem. Whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules cause inflammation and swelling which deteriorates the texture of the skin. I had been facing pimple problems since my teenage days. I am told that I have a lovely face, but every time there was a burst of acne, it was painful. Not just physically but mentally too it puts me at discomfort. I was ashamed to face my friends with confidence. No matter how beautiful my clothes were, or how much efforts I took to look good, all people could notice were my pimples. Those pus-filled blisters kept occurring every month repeatedly over those same dreadful scars. At times, it was my foreheads, cheeks and even nose that had to bear the brunt. I tried several creams and gels that my friends recommended. Nothing seemed to work.

Festive occasions, dates, business presentations, birthday parties, etc. acne just ruins everything. It is so bothersome when you have a significant commitment in the pipeline, and there are fresh pimples and blackheads covering every corner of your face. The only issue that keeps pestering me is “Why did this have to appear now?” Sometimes, it is a single pod exactly on your nose or cheek. And the saddest thought is that it is clearly visible. You fear people may think “Oh! She doesn’t give attention to skin care” or keep names and poke fun at you. Whatever skin tone one may have, acne is visible for everyone to see. And it is irritating because it’s not our fault, right? But, many times it actually is. Oily junk food, late nights, stress, constant fiddling our faces with our unhygienic hands, low-quality makeup, hormonal changes, bacteria, improper diet, and weather changes are some of the reasons of acne.

To add to my woes, my travelling to work only gathered dust and dirt on my face, thanks to the polluted city in which we live. In fact, whenever I visited a parlour to do a facial, I returned back only to find a fresh batch of pimples on my face. For a couple of weeks, I tried home remedies like turmeric, garlic, aloe vera on my skin. Though at first it did show signs of improvement gradually even that stopped. I thought makeup could cover those flaws, but then I realized it wouldn’t repair my skin. My hectic work schedules didn’t permit me spare time to work on enhancing the quality of my skin. I could discern that it was just degrading by the day. I didn’t have enough time to forbear for preparing face packs of natural ingredients. I felt like I needed an efficient alternative. I happened to see television ads of Garnier pure active real neem face wash (remember Alia Bhatt talking of her acne problems? Yes! It’s the same one). I thought I could give it a shot. What could be the worst case scenario? Even if it didn’t destroy the pimples, at least I would acquire a daily face-wash. I purchased this reasonably priced product from my nearest retail store. (For more information on the product, read:

To my amaze, the Garnier Face wash publicized by Alia Bhatt remarkably worked. Till date, I only heard of stories from grandma about the healing and medicinal effects of neem. But after using it, I experienced the difference. It did manage to abstract the impurities and heal the layers of skin. Since, neem is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature; it kills the stubborn bacteria, washes away the excess oil, and gets rid of dirt. My skin is clear and glowing, and never looked great before. Now, I feel confident in the clothes and makeup I wear. I love the compliments that are pouring. When people ask me what I did to finally get rid of those obnoxious marks, I say “The secret lies with Garnier”.

A special note from the editor:

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