Opposites attract- Fact or myth?

Opposites attract- Fact or myth?


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new post on Learning Life Daily. I hope you all had a great week. Well, the last week was a very fruitful one for me at work with so much new things to learn and newer challenges to face. While at work, my colleagues and I got into a huge discussion on the topic of relationships. They were of the opinion that one should seek marriage only with a person who is exactly like them, while a few people felt otherwise. They believed in the age old belief that opposites attract. So today, my dear friends, I would like to tell you about this phenomena that has caused millions of us to end up either happy or disappointed with our partners.  We all believe that there is someone out there who is destined to be with us. Absolutely true! But many times we fail to recognize the reason for falling in love with that person. At times we either try to find somebody exactly like us or we seek a person who is the complete opposite of us. We believe they should complete us as a person. So what is the mystery behind find a perfect partner? Read on further to find out.

How many times has it occurred that you have been hunting for a person with common interests, but you end up falling in love with the person who is just the opposite? Have you ever tried to figure out why does this happen? Well we are humans trying to seek happiness in everything we do. We may unconsciously love the ‘opposite’ person but somewhere down the line we have actually fallen for someone with few common likes and dislikes. It is impossible to love someone with whom you can’t see anything common, if you wish to even have a simple conversation. After all, it all begins with a simple ‘hello‘. And it is this same communication based on those few common interests that leads to a bond. This bond then develops into feelings for that person. So in reality it is a cycle that we all follow but eventually blame it on the ‘opposite factor.’

Well, it seems that this typical ‘opposites attract’ concept has been overhyped especially in love relationships. Think about it! When you are looking for your Mr. Right or Miss. Right, do you consciously go about looking for someone who is not at all like you? Someone who shares nothing in common with you? Of course not! You would without a doubt seek a personality with whom you know you would be able to adjust. And your heart would know for sure that compatibility would never be an issue with that particular person. It is only when you are cent percent sure, you would take the next step towards expressing your emotions for that ‘someone.’

Surveys prove that people find partners with similarities as boring. But scientific studies show otherwise. It demonstrates that we tend to get fatally attracted to a person who has some vital commonalities that can take the relationship forward for a long time. Even if we are immensely infatuated and attracted to the ‘opposite’ person, then it is just for a short period of time. Such relationships do not last long. They break due to bitter fights and disagreements. We normally do not tend to think of these aspects when we fall in love. But while spouse-hunting, our mind subconsciously knows that we need a similar person.

We can’t imagine spending the rest of our lives compromising on disagreements. For example: He loves music. She loves science. He plays football. She follows baseball.  They are completely opposite. Their individualistic mind-set and interest may seem very charming and refreshing to each other at the first glance but eventually, they start drifting away because they are always disagreeing on matters.  Unless their opposite characteristics do not rub on to each other, they will never know to compromise and agree on matters. This will ultimately lead to a devastating heart-break. So the final truth is that ‘opposites attract’ is just a myth. We all want to be with the one who can understand us for who we are. And that is only possible if the person shares some things in common with us. So my dear friends, if you are looking for long term love then go ahead and find your perfect match who is out there to fulfill your heart’s desires.

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    1. Thanks for liking my post. I agree with you that after a point of time, dissimilarities ruins a relationship. That is what I have experienced and have tried to convey through the article. Do continue to read my blog Learning Life Daily and share this article with your family and friends. 🙂


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