Life does not give us what we expect but what we deserve!

Life does not give us what we expect but what we deserve!

life expectationsHello everyone! Wish you all a very happy new year! As we begin 2015 on a fresh note, I would first of all like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and wishes that kept me going in 2014. This year, Learning Life Daily, will see fresh new topics on life, social awareness, brands and much more. Plus there will be interesting sections on fashion, health and technology as well in the coming months. So, are we set to take on this year with new hopes? Yes! I am sure many of us are. But there is one thing you need to understand. Life sometimes is not as easy as it actually seems to be. We all dream and wish for the best. But unfortunately at times, when we expect something too much, it just does not materialize. Somehow, things don’t work out for us and we find ourselves trapped and tricked every single time. Why does this happen? Probably because life wanted you to choose another path. It felt you deserved better than you were supposed to receive. Read on as I take you through yet another mysterious puzzle on life.

We crib when we are stuck in the most ridiculous phase of life. At that point of time, all we want to do is abuse life for being so mean and ruthless. If we have truly wanted something, we should have got it. After all, we hoped for it with all our heart. But then no my friends. That is not the way life deals with us. We are merely puppets dancing to the tunes of someone else. The only catch here is that, at times we end up tangling our own strings, and mess up life to a greater extent, especially when we are confident that our boat is sailing on calm seas. For example: You are in the race for appraisals. Your performance has been up to the mark and there is a 99% chance of being promoted. But suddenly you hear that not you but one of your colleagues made it through and for some reason the promotion was given to him/her.

Now tell me, what exactly went wrong? Is it that your expectation levels were too high? But you had worked hard for it, isn’t it? Then keeping hopes for it was completely normal. But no! Life doesn’t see things with this perspective. It doesn’t really give you what you expect. Maybe, it felt you were not ready for the promotion at that point of time. It may have felt you deserved better, but at some other stage of life. Someone else who worked as hard as you was ready for the promotion. Perhaps, you were dealing with family problems or health issues or some other difficulties. And if you would receive the promotion then, it could have been a very happy moment for you, but you would not have been able to enjoy it whole-heartedly. That could be one reason why there is a saying, ‘Whatever happens, happens for good’.

So that is why it is better not to keep high expectations and hopes from something, because when it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to be, the disappointment is painful. So just live a happy life and do things the way you are always supposed to do. Let life pour opportunities on you. The more you keep thinking of receiving a particular thing, most of the times, you end up not getting it. You never know, life could just pop up joyful surprises when you’re just not expecting it, but deep within you are physically, mentally and spiritually ready to accept it. It will wait for the right time to give you what you deserve. So you may not get what you wish for today. But you will certainly get it some other day, when life feels you are truly worthy of it.

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