Short to the world but not short to reach the stars!

Short to the world but not short to reach the stars!

starsHi everyone! How are you guys? I hope you all are doing great. Welcome once again to a new post on Learning Life Daily. First of all I would like to thank you for showering so much love on me and for the wonderful feedback to my previous post on Destiny. Today I wish to bring you something completely different. This article is based on a close friend of mine who underwent a drastic transformation in her life. And when her life changed, it changed for good. Okay! So some people say that physical appearance does matter, right? Fair complexion, tall height, well-built physique we want it all. Even if one of these is missing, we crib. So my today’s article is something I have ventured into previously. It is an eye opener to all those who underestimate themselves. To people who feel inferior of the way they look. To snobs who feel that physical appearances dominate everything else and also to those who feel taunting and teasing a person’s abnormal features is a cool thing to do. So this article is a short story based on a girl who was the butt of all jokes just because she was short. Her biggest barrier was her height. Instead of choosing to cry over it and succumb to taunts and jokes, she chose to fight back in her own way by proving her mettle to all her detractors. Her only goal was to feel proud of herself. Read on further to find out this brave girl’s journey to success.

She woke up each morning and refused to see herself in the mirror. She was terribly hurt by the miserable comments they passed on her. She knew her weakness. The same weakness that stole her self-esteem. The agony of facing herself was tormenting. It was worse than anything else. Praying hard each night, she wished for a wishing star to make things turn around. Unfortunately, that did not happen. They gave her ridiculous names. ‘Shorty’, ‘Dwarf’, ‘one foot scale.’ These names kept playing in her mind like a hard-core metal song playing in a continuous loop. Standing at 4’10” this 25 year-old woman even turned into the laughing stock at work. But there was something mysterious about her. Though, she cried each night cursing and abusing herself, the very next day she would arrive at work with a smile on her face. As if she knew people were going to pay for their deeds.

This brave woman had a beautiful knack for writing. Pouring out emotions encapsulated from deep within was something that came naturally to her. She wrote when those embarrassing moments haunted her. She wrote during her leisure time. She even wrote when there was nothing to write about. One final day she decided to take her passion for writing, a notch higher. She started penning down her thoughts through blogging, writing articles for magazines, and even writing expert reviews. People found her writing very commendable. Her popularity began to grow. So what if she didn’t have the height to match an average woman? She did have the skills and talent that could overpower anyone on earth. No more was she afraid to step out confidently. The teasing still prevailed but this time around, it just fell on deaf ears. Her single dream– her baby– her first novel was finally released. She turned into a star overnight. Her fan following only grew bigger each day. This same woman who was despised, ridiculed, and laughed upon for her physical appearance was now a famous writer. A maestro in her field of work. People immensely respected her. A lot many changed their opinions about her. No longer was she judged. She finally found herself in a ‘happy space.’

Well my dear friends, as we see, this young woman was initially a misfit. Surprisingly, she surpassed her weaknesses and caught hold of her strength. The reason why she smiled at people even during those miserable days was because she knew her strength. And she knew that someday those same people would have to shut the taunts and start praising her. The stars weren’t that far. The world may have considered her very short. But her height never stopped her from reaching the stars. From touching the realms of success. We too need to understand this fact. No matter where we hail from, how beautiful we may be, or how much do we lack in terms of physical appearances, one thing will always remain the same. That is our goal. Our goal to taste sweet success. Go ahead and figure out that one thing in you which makes you stand out in the crowd. Which amazes everyone. The one thing that you can do and no one else can. Even if they could, then not the way you do it. Not as good as you. In fact not even in comparison to you. Because reaching the stars is no big deal. All it takes is determination, talent, hard work, and of course patience. Trust me! You are way to go!

So my dear friends, if you truly enjoyed reading this short story based article, then go ahead and hit the like button. Also, share your views and suggestions with me in the comment space. I will be glad to know if there are any topics you all would like me to write about. Do share this article with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances. Let them know that they all are special no matter how they appear. And they all have the potential to reach the stars just like you do. Do follow my blog as I will continue to post articles and inspiring stories like these. Till then have a wonderful time folks! Happy Reading!!


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