Curse of the dip phase

Curse of the dip phase

dipHi everyone! Hope you guys are doing great! I am as excited as ever to be catching up with you all on Learning Life Daily! Well, with the week winding up, I am already slipping into the weekend mode and gearing up for another enthralling Sunday. I guess I am just a woman trying to seek happiness in the little things I do. Perhaps, I may be trying to shun away the pessimistic thoughts and other negative vibes that had surrounded me for months leaving me in despair. I patiently waited for those miserable days to end, fighting back every single situation and moment that tried to kill the confidence within me thus shattering me completely. Just like me, there are many others out there who go through the dreadful phase in their lives at least once. Have you experienced it? Have you felt the need to run away from your problems by giving up? Have you ever felt that life has been unfair to you? Do not ignore those signs because you are actually stepping into the most complex and challenging zone of your life. Read on further, to find out what this zone can do to you? How much life threatening can it be? By the end of this article you will surely understand how you need to find your road out of the mess and tangles of life’s web.

Skies turning gloomy, time seem to stand still, you can’t hear the sounds of people laughing and giggling. Perhaps you don’t want to hear them. Every little thing seems annoying. All you want to do is curse your luck. Abuse life for having put you through those heartbreaking and difficult times. You feel there is no way out and you’re trapped in the midst of disappointment and failure. Till yesterday it all seemed like the perfect dream but now reality sinks in and you want to give up because you see no hope. All you keep questioning yourself is why me? What wrong did I do? Why do I have to go through this? When will this ever end?

At times what we tend to forget is that there are the good and bad days which every individual has to face in their lifetime. The brave hearts pull through their thorniest moments but the weak succumb to them never able to jump out of the painful valley of life. In simple words, it is the survival of the fittest. The phase can be called as the ‘dip phase’ where our graph of life shows the line dipping downwards towards failure towards losing everything after a sudden bout of success. Every single human on this earth undergoes the dip phase. The only difference is that the timings don’t match. It may happen at any point in time and it may happen any number of times. That does not mean we stop living our lives to the fullest. It definitely does not mean that we should not fight back to get out of the dark period in our lives.

Even a wonderful Indian batsman in the cricketing world, whom the world swears by– Yuvraj Singh, underwent the turbulent period of his life after being diagnosed with cancer. Living life by his own terms, enjoying stardom, wild parties, a maestro at the game with unbreakable records and the heartthrob of millions. For him to be hit all of sudden by the life threatening illness came as a huge blow. Yet he battled it and when I say battle I don’t just mean battling against the illness or against death but battle against the horrific dark phase, which tried to conquer his every little hope and destroy his happiness forever. Who would have ever thought this would happen to him. Yet he bounced back to glory. (Read:

Come on people! What we truly need to understand here is that life always gives us a second chance. And no matter how bad we may be as individuals and how many wrongs we may have done, there is always scope for improvement. If we could just pull through those days and remind ourselves that the phase will come to an end and there is a ray of light shining through the end of the dark scary tunnel, only then can we work ourselves towards reaching there. There may be bad things happening to you in sequence and you may feel your unlucky days are prolonging for too long but remember that you will surely learn something good from that period which you can imbibe into your life as soon as you get out of that phase. You may have got fired for no fault of yours. Your partner may have dumped you or cheated on you. Your health is deteriorating. You may be broke or there could be sudden death of a family member. The dark dip phase can occur in any form not just with one incident but perhaps even a series of such incidents. Do not lose hope because there is always sunshine after those murky days. All you need to do is be brave and work towards receiving it. Life is a puppet show but at the end of the day we are the puppeteers of our own lives.

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