Would you choose the high heel insanity over comfort?

Would you choose the high heel insanity over comfort?

erotic_heels_highHello my dear readers! I hope you missed me! So I am here to present you with my new post on Learning Life Daily. Well, so far it has been a wonderful journey with you all, my lovely people. Now the journey has just got better. The topic that I will be speaking about here is something that every woman desires. It is something that they all want. So which woman on this earth doesn’t want to look beautiful? Which woman doesn’t want to dress well? Today just as clothes are a priority to looking good so also are the accessories that complement the outfits and a beautiful pair of high heeled shoes would give that sensuous appeal to a woman’s stature. Today, high heels are a phenomenal craze. Every woman wants to try them on as the heels accentuate a woman’s body shape n posture. So read on further as I will help you explore this hot craze that has been growing over the years.

 There was a time when high heels were considered to be worn only by the rich and the elite. It was a simple footwear accessory that enhanced a woman’s beauty. In fact, it was also said to be a blessing for short women. Woman wished they were taller as according to them a tall n slim woman was the epitome of perfect beauty. You see, at the back of the mind, there is always the desire to stand up to your male partner’s height or at least reach a few inches short than him rather than match his same height. Today there is an insanity for wearing high heels. Every woman wants to spark her appearance. Be it at work or at a weekend party, she wants to look and feel great. The heels just make the legs look longer, her posture more seductive and matches her outfits, giving her an exotic visual appeal.

 Right from the top celebrities to fashion models, socialites and even commoners who want to dazzle up their dressing style, the high heeled footwear has become an utmost priority in completing their whole look. So much so that, today there are women who have a ‘shoe fetish’ where they collect a large number of pair of shoes, some women even have countless pairs. Just as shopaholics, there are shoeaholics who can’t live without buying themselves a new pair of shoes every other day. What I personally like about the high heels is the variety in them that can work conveniently for a woman. There are the kitten, cone, puppy, prism, spool, stiletto, and wedge heel shoes available in the market. Right from high end designer brands like Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Dolce and Gabbana (to name a few) to the non-designer brands; the colors, patterns, cuts and embellishments are to die for.

While it is seriously trending upwards with Bollywood actresses and fashion icons like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone who swear by high heels and can’t live without them. They already are blessed with a good height, and to top that they can’t do without their shoe fetish which could just lead to health problems. Read: (http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/ENT-priyanka-chopra-chooses-style-over-comfort-wears-high-heels-while-travelling-4439882-PHO.html.) and height issues dealing with shorter co actors. Read (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Deepikas-high-heel-fetish-creates-problem-for-Saif/articleshow/17706698.cms.)

 While the heels may certainly add to your overall physical appearance, it may also tend to pose as a threat to your health causing muscular pain and back problems at a later stage in life. Read: (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health/High-heels-bad-for-your-health/articleshow/20428288.cms.) It is not necessary to avoid them completely or perhaps kick them out from your closet and life. They could be worn occasionally at functions and could be evaded from everyday use to stay fit and healthy.

 Remember! Style is not just about dressing up to please others. It’s about dressing up to please yourself first before anyone else. You can never please yourself if the shoes you wear are not comfortable. If one is comfortable wearing it, then it does show on the face and the woman carries it off effortlessly like a diva.

 So play dress up, carry off a chic urban trend but not at the cost of your health. Make sure you take care of yourself while displaying your crazy fashionista side. So my people, if you had fun reading this post and want to know more about insane facts of life and society, then do like and comment on this post; also do not forget to follow my blog as I keep bringing the best and the most innovative topics to brighten up your day. Thank you so much folks! Catch you next time with a brand new topic at this same place. Till then, Bye-Bye and cheerful reading! God bless!


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