Love your job and you will never have to work again!

Love your job and you will never have to work again!

newjobHello my lovely readers! Welcome to my new post on Learning Life Daily. It has been a fun journey so far as I have been writing on articles that are based on social realities of life. Social evils that have been prevailing since years. So this time for a change I decided to write on a much more exciting topic that any single working individual can relate to. Well let me begin by sharing a short incident that happened to me very recently. A friend of mine works as a choreographer for a media and events company. The other day, I engaged in a great conversation with her over a cup of coffee. She told me about the challenges and hectic schedules that she had to deal with but it was her end statement that took me by utter surprise. She said ‘I look forward to newer challenges each day because I love my job. I love dancing and I could not have thought of any other career alternative. I am living my dream.’ Now tell me people! How many of us out there are fortunate to be in a similar position with a similar state of mind? How many of us wake up in the morning with excitement for a whole new day at work? Many of us are just working like machines because we have to and not because we would love to. A huge lot among us are left with no choice but to choose a career even if we don’t enjoy doing it. Hence my topic for today will leave you thinking all day long about the job your currently doing and the job satisfaction you achieve from it. It will make you think twice about how happy you are with the work you do, and what else would you need to do in order to make your life better than before.

 Sitting at your work desk straining your eyes at the computer and regretting why did you choose to work in that particular company or do that particular thing but making sure you stay loyal to your firm no matter how much they make you slog or put an end to your personal life. No that is not happening any more in today’s times. This generation is all about being a bumbling bee. At the end of the day it’s about your experience in the industry. As they rightly say ‘Happy is the man who earns by his hobby,’ how many of us take this seriously? Read: ( Remember that our jobs are all about loving what you do and doing what you love.

 No matter how hard you try to make efforts in adjusting to your job or no matter how stressed you end up on being a low performer things will never seem positive or shine bright for you unless you are happy with it. We often complain that those who wake up in the mornings with a fresh and cheerful hope for the day and those who really look forward to going to work are the ones who are indeed lucky. Why do we need to look around at others? Why can’t we try finding happiness in what we do?

 When one is passionate about his/her job and loves doing it then it doesn’t just lead to a great performance but also gives creative satisfaction and happiness. This is probably one reason why people cater to switching jobs and try to find doing something that makes them happy. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you do. It doesn’t even make a difference if it’s a small or a big job because what people are really looking out for is sheer joy in doing the job. So that while doing it one doesn’t feel the burden or pressure of it. When one really begins to enjoy his/her work, even heavy workload would seem like child’s play to that person. Read: (

 There are so many people out there who still grumble that they are dissatisfied with their jobs yet are trying their best to stick there but this doesn’t make any sense. If something needs to be done well one requires to have the 3D’s for it; determination, dedication and devotion and this will happen only when one enjoys what they do.

 Also when one is absolutely in love with their job they would never feel stressed out or come home drained mentally cribbing over it. On the contrary one gets an opportunity to explore their interest much deeper to understand the intricacies of their job and to be more versatile in their field. You don’t realize how time just ticks away because you find yourself being so involved into the thing you do. Life gets simpler and happier when one is in a happy space and has a bright career ahead.

 So an overtime would never really feel like an overtime or extra weekend off cancelled would never make much of a difference if people enjoy doing what they do. Be it job at a company or work as an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to thoroughly find the passion and live each day of your work with added enthusiasm. Like former president of India, Mr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said ‘Love your job and not the company because you never know when your company will stop loving you.’ Rightly said. No matter how much loyal we stay to our company, more than that we need to find happiness in the job and the role we play towards bringing in success. This would help us to grow as individuals and take our career higher up by a notch.

 So here I am enjoying what I regularly do and that is writing. Expressing myself creatively through words. If you believed in this article and truly enjoyed reading it then do like and comment on it; also do not forget to follow my blog as I will continue to bring to light many more exciting and realistic topics like this. Thank you so much guys and girls for all the love! Bye-bye and happy reading!


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