Goodbye traditional retail shopping! Hello e-commerce shopping!

Goodbye traditional retail shopping! Hello e-commerce shopping!

enew ecom 2Once again, I welcome you all to Learning Life daily. The place where all simple and inspiring stories come alive. Where people are  awakened to take a step towards the development of society in their own little ways. Imagine this! Standing in the hot sun, purchasing from roadside hawkers and then hopping from one store to another in search of your favorite outfit. To your disappointment you are left with nothing but one thing for sure is that you have lost time, energy and wished for a better alternative. All of a sudden a savior comes to your rescue like a knight in shining armor and who is that? Your very own, user friendly online shopping portals or e-commerce portals. These days shopping online has become not just the most convenient thing on this earth but from the point of view of business too, it has also been the most lucrative way of generating high sales. Everyone is online! So digital marketing has started to gain a strong foothold in the industry. Hence I decided to write this article to break down the complexities of online shopping and let you know the sweet surprises it has in store for all of us.  So let us check out the best advantages that e-commerce shopping has to offer as well as I will tell you why traditional retail shopping is disappearing gradually. Read on further to find out.

Sometimes it’s good to have marketing campaigns that are more structured, uniform and concise. The question that arises is how long will they work? With the boom of technology and the expansion of digitization, today viral marketing and social media marketing have created quite a stir. A person doesn’t have to carry heavy shopping bags and roam around. Everything that one desires is just a click away.

With the birth of e-commerce portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Ebay to name a few, the surge of online shopping has not just become a necessity but a craze. The convenience of receiving your purchased item, delivered at your doorstep and that too having the option to pay cash on delivery has made life much more efficient and simpler. The best part is that these portals even give us the option to choose the location where we want our stuff to be delivered. With more than thousands of brands to shop from, such online portals are a breakthrough discovery and savior for busy individuals who hardly find time to step out and shop. Not just that but even in terms of employment, e-commerce portals have created job opportunities for people to build a successful career. Read: (

Top brands wish to be associated with online shopping portals as they too are aware of the profit margins they can earn through such medium. This is evident from the recent smartphone launched on Flipkart – MOTO G. It garnered over 1 lakh registrations and shoppers couldn’t get enough of it because it was having the best specifications in a medium budget category. In fact Flipkart reportedly sold 1 million MOTO smartphones in a period of 5 months. Read: ( If a flagship cell could draw away all the attention as well as sales without even having to be available in a retail outlet, then this definitely calls for a huge round of applause. Such e-commerce portals utilize this advantage to their fullest and gain high revenues. Read: (

Though there are still many people in the country who think otherwise. They feel if a thing to be purchased is not seen, touched, smelt or felt by them personally they wouldn’t be able to purchase it because of their lack of trust on the e-commerce vendor or brand. Apparently to drive away even that fear, these days such portals even provide the facility wherein if an item delivered has been found with defect or damage when unpacked, it can be immediately replaced with a new one. Easy returns and easy monthly installments for expensive products too have been made feasible for the audience.

All one needs is just a good internet connection, and the rest is all at your doorstep. These portals even go on to have mobile applications that makes it much more feasible. Traditional commerce though still continues to do well in segments like fast moving consumer goods and daily household groceries, e-commerce has yet to find its mark in this segment. Critics may argue that, traditional retail shopping provides one with opportunity for a physical shopping experience that is incomparable to just online shopping. It’s true to an extent but with newer avenues of marketing the growth of online marketing is rising by the day. With the way things are moving rapidly at this moment, it seems that in the years to come, digital marketing itself will be ruling the roost and traditional commerce will see its days fade away slowly.

So my dear friends, it brings me to the end of this post. So if you enjoyed reading this article then of course do like and comment on it. It would be also really nice if you follow my blog as I will be coming up with path breaking topics for your awareness. So guys and girls see you all in my next post. Till then, Sayonara! Have a nice day and happy reading!


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