Jealous 21- A super-trendy brand for young women!

Jealous 21- A super-trendy brand for young women!

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2_miniHey Guys and Girls! A warm welcome to my new post on The Brand Boutique section of this blog. I hope you doing well. With newer and hippie fashion trends all over the place, I am sure you too are searching for the best fashion deals. If you are looking for something beyond just trends I must say, you have arrived at the right place! The place where brand stories come alive. This morning before buzzing off to work, I literally had to turn my wardrobe upside down, in search of my favorite pair of blue washed out jeans. I had planned to team it with a pastel shaded tunic and roll on some matching accessories. To my horror, I was left dismayed and screamed in anguish! My much loved pair of jeans didn’t fit me anymore. It was freaking lose at the waist! O Lord! It took me few seconds to realize the ugly fact; I had lost some more weight. Well I know that could possibly be amazing news for girls struggling to shed that extra kilos but it was no good for me because I have always been slim and had to even deal with a super-high metabolism rate. So losing more weight didn’t work for me at all. I wish I had purchased a better pair of jeans that could be stretchable and the perfect fit for my hip size. I then, discovered this awesome brand called Jealous 21, which my friend recommended to me. So that brings me to writing this post on the hippy, trendy brand for young women- Jealous 21. Get set as I will take you through the fashionable trip of this brand that has redefined the term ‘style’ for young women.

A brand under the company Indus League Clothing Limited which is a part of India’s retailing giant Future Group; Jealous 21 is one of the most celebrated youth brands for women and has a spell bound presence with stores all across the country. The other Indus League brands include Daniel Hechter, Indigo Nation, John Miller, Manchester United, Scullers, Urbana and Urban Yoga. Primarily there is a story behind the birth of this brand. It is believed that some Indian women are blessed with curves while some are not hence there are so many who have a tough time finding the right pair of jeans that could fit them perfectly. Well I am sure many of you agree to this right? So to make things less complicated the brand came up with this revolutionary concept of having something called as a ‘hip fit guide’. This speaks about the three main hip sizes that is the slim hips (hottie), regular hips (hourglass) and curvy hips (bootilicious). So the best part out here is that they have jeans for every hip size. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Endorsed by celebs like Priyanka Chopra, the brand tied up with Universal Music to celebrate the multi talented actress’s international single ‘Exotic’ feat Pitbull. Read: ( The crisp brand was also promoted by Kareena Kapoor for her film ‘Heroine‘ as well as it went on to be the official clothing partner for events, beauty pageants and other movies. Today the brand has set the ball rolling and has gained immense popularity among young girls as it caters to them. With a range of trendy and funky clothing like tees, tops, tunics, floral dresses, party wear outfits and of course a fabulous range of regular and colored stretchable jeans they have set and innovative style statement by introducing the the first-of-its-kind, magic jeans (yes you heard that right! They have magic jeans that changes its color depending on how hot you are) Their outfits are definitely an apt choice for teenage and 20 something girls who thrive on fashion plus mixing and matching outfits and accessories. Read: (

So if you are looking for that bohemian chic look or perhaps think of jazzing and playing it funky at the coolest party in town, this brand is worth every single penny. Good news! This one should surely fit your budget. Another thing that is also a winning factor for Jealous 21 is that it sells like hotcake on almost every possible online shopping portal like Jabong, Myntra, Voonik, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Yebhi, Fashion united, Fashionara etc.

Let us grab a quick look at the inspiring Jealous 21 story in the video below:

All my lovely readers, if you truly enjoyed reading this article, then do like and comment on it; also follow my blog and I promise you there are many more exciting brand stories lined up which will make you fall madly in love with me. (Okay! Just kidding) With fashion. Alright people! So this is me signing off in style, see you in my next post with another super-exciting brand. Bye-bye folks and happy reading!!



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