Is love bounded by time, age, community, religion, caste, class etc?

Is love bounded by time, age, community, religion, caste,class etc?

loveHi Everyone! Welcome to my new post on Learning Life Daily. I hope you have had a great weekend! So last night, I was indeed very upset when my friend called me and broke down on the phone. She was heartbroken and angry both at the same time. Reason? Her parents and she had a huge tiff because they objected to her choice of partner. Why? Just because he belonged to another community. Well it must have been shocking news for the parents to know that their daughter rebelled against their values and chose to fall in love with someone out of the community but then hey! What is wrong with that? If my friend chose to be with him she may have seen something truly great in him that brought her to decide that he was the perfect match for her. Truly I say! Her parents didn’t even hear her out and jumped to the conclusion that no matter how qualified, well settled and good looking he may be, no matter how much he loved her or she loved him, the fact that he was an ‘outsider’ itself was enough for the parents to decide that he was the wrong choice and that their daughter should not have even ‘thought’ of falling in love with an outsider. The rage within me brought me to writing this article. Should we keep in mind a set criteria before even ‘thinking’ of falling in love? Or do people need to look beyond their age old principles. Read on and find out further as I will highlight this dramatic but very realistic topic for you.

 In a society that is chasing modernity and upliftment, in a place where people’s mindset are broadening, there are still loopholes. A major section of the country has still not yet accepted conforming to modern day thinking. Especially on a subject like love and marriage. It is a strict no-no to even think or dream of marrying into another religion or caste. How can we call ourselves a developing country when our minds are not ready to develop and think practical?

 Parents complain about their kids not communicating and sharing anything with them. Their children lie only because they know that their parents won’t accept them or their relationship with someone if their partner belongs to another religion, caste, creed, and community or perhaps have an age gap or maybe even belong to another class of society. Their children feel it’s better to lie to parents than tell the truth when they know very well that their parents would object to their decisions. Perhaps the fear of objection is also the reason why the children aren’t able to trust their parents’ decision and they choose to elope or if faced with rejection, the weak hearted end their lives by committing suicide Read: ( and it is such a shame that in certain sections of the society honor killing still prevails on the quiet. Read: (

So is marriage all about marrying into the right category or is it about spending your entire life with the person you feel is the best compatible person with you regardless of any criteria’s mentioned above? Today’s youth do not wish to compromise on anything when it comes to choosing their perfect life partner. That’s where courtship before marriage, dating and living- in together creeps in. At the end of the day it’s about spending your life happily with the one you love and wish to be with.

Arranged marriages do exist nevertheless but then they are being reduced in number as these days many choose to find the right person for them through means of social networking sites, web chat rooms, clubs, common friend circles etc. People take challenging steps to take on the relationship and thus try to convince their family and parents for marriage. Initially the family does take time to digest the fact just because they are afraid of what the society will say. What relatives will talk behind their backs? Will their upbringing be questioned? But then if 100 people have to talk about you they will. They cannot be stopped from judging you. So does that mean we stop living our lives the way want to? Tomorrow are these same people going to be even be bothered if we are happy in our married lives or not? Marriage is a question of a lifetime. And tomorrow even if we face trouble in our married lives with the one for whom we fought against the world, then it’s going to be completely our mistake. And our parents cannot be blamed for it. It’s time that our elders start broadening their perspectives towards marriage and not set such senseless criteria’s for marriage. Today there are many married couples who belong to the same religion and community yet there are not happy in their married lives because of compatibility issues. So it’s time we awaken ourselves are realize that love has no limits no boundaries. Love is just unconditional.

 So now the next time you are hunting for your perfect partner, hunt for the person who you would be compatible with. More importantly happy with because love is about being happy and completing yourself with the person you would desire to spend your life with. Also to all those parents out there who are reading this article right now, I know it would be difficult for you to digest what I am saying but think about it. It is about your child spending their entire life with someone whom they want to. It would be much better if your benchmarks would include Loyalty, honesty, love and trustworthiness rather than caste, religion, community etc. If you liked this article do like and comment on it; also I would really appreciate if you follow my blog. I will continue to shed light on such eye opening issues. Till then have a nice day! Happy Reading Folks!



    1. Thank you very much! Your feedback is extremely valuable to me! You can browse through the various articles on my blog Learning Life Daily. I love writing about life and relationships and that is what I have tried to convey through this post. 🙂


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